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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

there seems to be a consistent view held by those who advocate mandatory vaccinations: parents are idiots.

llkrause's comments are very cogent and underscore my primary concern--the health of my daughter. i acknowledge the realities of sexual activity among minors. but, i have a strong desire to protect my daughter's health and well being. it is my duty to weigh the risks and benefits on medical procedures for my child.

you can argue that this recently introduced Merck product does protect my daughter and society at large, and that it's totally safe with no serious side effects. but i don't buy it; i remain skeptical and want more information or time to reveal the safety AND efficacy of this vaccine. i'm sure doctors and political figures funded by drug companies esposued the safety and benefits Thalidomide with equal condescension and arrogance back in the 50's and 60's.

i'll be damned if anyone is going to perfom medical experiments on my daughter. she can get it when she's 18 if she so chooses, but not while she is a child, or until her parents' concerns are allayed.

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