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More snow on the way tonight; Lawrence schools, KU, others closed Friday

I'm wondering if and when they'll allow the "weather essential" KU employees to go home. It's pretty nasty out there...

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Town Talk: Therapeutic autism ranch may develop south of Lawrence; Knology e-mail issues resolved; Lawrence lands on Mother Earth list; tree cutting near Kaw levee

Hmm, sounds like some people can actually open their Knology/Atmail account. Mine won't open at all. It just "times out" in my Mozilla browser. It was out most of yesterday-back in the evening for a while--then gone this morning until about 7:30 a.m. and now unable to connect again. So, I'm jealous of those of you who can at least get into parts of it. :-)

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Kansas University Medical Center lab director's PhD under scrutiny

Interesting, she has a Facebook page that shows she apparently has many talents, (seriously) not said in jest. However, I still find it very sad that KUMC would "gloss over" the fact that a woman applied for, and took a position, under the guise of having a Ph.D. The committee who investigated a complaint about her should be fired for sweeping this under the rug. Applying for NIH grant funding and working with a clinical trial in which you are giving substances to pregnant women, no matter how noble the cause, with a big fat lie on your c.v./resume shows you have no integrity. Granted she may be a genius...but, pretending that she held credentials she didn't have shows sheer stupidity or lack of social skills.

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Lawrence man warns of antibiotic side effects

I feel very badly for Professor Redd. I certainly don't want to make light of his concerns or of the potential problems with fluoroquinolones, However, I find it odd that "After a few days, he stopped taking Cipro and was prescribed Levaquin. The Levaquin didn’t help, and he stopped taking that after a couple days."--apparently something was not quite right about the choice of either medicine. If you have a urinary tract, bladder, or kidney infection that is not responding to antibiotics and your symptoms worsen it is time to have a culture of urine done, or other tests to rule out other causes of the symptoms. Also, it is unlikely that 2 days worth of Levaquin would have caused such serious/severe side effects. I have been on Levaquin several times. I, too, have had problems with both achilles tendons reacting oddly and painfully to the drug. However, I was also on Prednisone at the time which apparently really interacts badly with the Levaquin to make the issue of tendonitis, especially achilles tendonitis, more severe. My point is that I agree there are issues with fluoroquinolones, but they help a great number of people with respiratory and other infections that might have died or will die if they aren't given the fluoroquinolones. I think that Professor Redd might want to pursue further diagnosis of his symptoms and not so quickly blame it on the medicines he took, the fact he was on such a short course of both meds indicates there is more to this story than the medicines being the cause. I feel badly for him and hope he finds out the cause of his symptoms. Mine went away within a few weeks of discontinuing the medicines (for which I finished the full course because I was too ill to do otherwise). Good luck in finding an answer to your ills...

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K.C. culinary whiz to be on "Top Chef!"

There is no word in the dictionaries that I've checked spelled "chefette". I'm typically not politically correct because we've become so driven to be that way...but, I agree with the posters who are complaining about this strange headline. A chef is a chef is a chef--male or female.
1. the chief cook, esp. in a restaurant or hotel, usually responsible for planning menus, ordering foodstuffs, overseeing food preparation, and supervising the kitchen staff.
2. any cook.

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Lawrence man charged after Sacred Journey investigation

I'm curious about this charge:
"Unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and drug paraphernalia: Plastic jugs and filters used or intended for unlawful use to manufacture, cultivate, plant propagate, harvest, test, analyze or distribute a controlled substance."
So, if someone has plastic jugs and filters in their garage, home, backyard, etc., it can be used as a charge of unlawful possession of "certain drug precursors"? What the heck, the paraphernalia part is weird enough but "drug precursors" are plastic jugs and funnels?? Yikes!

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