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What is your favorite local pizza place?

Rudy's has a great white pizza- You should try it sometime.

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Traffic jam

We were also leaving the Ren Fest at the same time so ad a few thousand more people to the mix. Yes we had to wait, but it wasn't letter to the editor worthy by any means.

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Lawrence city commission approves late-night food cart in downtown

Yeah, cause the only people downtown at 2:00 am are crimimals and transients? Seriously? Are the bars that close at that time full of criminals and transients? This is a college town. There are all kinds of people downtown at that time of the morning. A hot dog cart will not change that. Bad events already happen sometimes. You really think adding a hot dog cart to the mix of other businesses open at that time is going to significantly change the crime rate downtown? You clearly aren't out of the house after dark so why do you care?

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Religious leaders gather to demonstrate unity among faiths

How is it "fringe", "far left", to promote religious freedom and tolerance? Just sounds American to me. Why do you hate America so much? Wow is right.

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Fellow Americans’ suspicions frustrate Muslims

How very American of you Tom. Someone has a different opinion and you want to lock them up? Maybe you should move out of a country that allows for differing opinions then. Muslims have been saying that they are a peaceful religion for a very long time. Since long before 9/11, but you don't listen. I guess if Glenn Beck didn't say it, you don't hear it. Whether you think they have been saying it or not does not change the fact that Islam is a peaceful religion and we are not at war with Islam.

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Do you still have a land line phone?

We keep a land line for our kids. Never answer it. Grandpa occasionally calls, but otherwise it is telemarketers etc...We can't expect babysitters to have a cell phone, so we keep it in case there is an emergency while we are out. Not sure that 911 can find you when calling from a cell.

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Obama on Iraq: It's time to turn the page

No one is implying that Bush can control the weather anymore than Obama caused an explosion on an offshore oil rig. The two cannot be compared. The oil spill is a disaster without question both economically and environmentally as well as the loss of life on the rig itself. It is the response to the disasters that is in question. Do you see American citizens floating in the ocean with signs saying "please help us" with no food, water, medical supplies etc... Our own citizens? What kind of country are we if we can't take care of our own people during an immediately life threatening disaster?

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Would you ever consider acupuncture for your pet?

Your post was actually funny notajayhawk. I do have a sense of humor. I work with cats so I'm well aware of the entertainment value acupuncture could provide when attempted on "certain" cats.

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Obama not worried about Muslim rumors

And Bush payed for all his golf? His girl's schooling? Airforce one flights...? How is that different than any president? Such a non point, but nice try.

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Obama not worried about Muslim rumors

Perfect example of the idiots who watch only FOX etc... He already has answered both questions repeatedly. There is written proof. Maybe they don't show it on FOX so you haven't seen it? Break out of the bubble once in a while and maybe you would be better informed. I'm hoping you're kidding.

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