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Five-year-old Zane Marrs wraps both arms around the neck of his father, Zac, both of Lawrence, and h

This is one of the best photos I've seen in awhile!!!!!! Great job Mr. Marrs!!!

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FINAL: KU pushes past Ohio State, 64-62, to advance to championship game

You look at last years' "One Shinning Moment" and the closest thing you see to Crimson and Blue was at the 1:08 mark in the form of dejected Jayhawk faithful providing a back drop for the celebrating VCU players............
I can't remember a time when you couldn't watch that final tribute to the season and catch one final glimpse of a jayhawk in celebration or frustration.

This year will be a little different, won't it! AMAZING!!

Oh.......remember this?


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This one sure felt meaningful

Great game T. Taylor................GREAT GAME!!!

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Solid Waste Task Force likely to propose city-issued recycling cart

"If residents had too much trash to fit into the container, they could buy stickers from the city that could be placed on bags that would be placed at the curb......essentially would allow the city to collect more in fees from people who put out large amounts of trash."

They'll fill their recycling containers with solid waste materials instead of paying for a ticket. That's what's done here anyways.

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Josh Selby missed his shot

".....Selby has a shot to beat out reserve guard Ish Smith".

The same "Ish" who excelled here at Wake under ALL-WORLD point gaurd Chris Paul? That's not much of a shot... You've gotta beat him out to earn a contract? When it rains it pours doesn't it Josh? Josh, you'd of been better off as the 111th overall pick by Taco Bell..At least that way you'd be guaranteed to eat because you're playing for checks now! Ish will "eat your lunch" that much is a guarantee. I HATE hearing people say " you're not in Kansas anymore.." but Josh, " you're NOT in Kansas anymore" and that is NOT a good thing for you. The reality of it is going to whipe that sheepish grin off of your face. The clip of you and your family on youtube celebrating the day before you went to Kansas was touching. They all seemed to have so much hope for you. 17 hours east of The Phog I was jumping around in my living room watching you fall right into place against USC. And then there's today. "With the 111th overall pick Taco Bell selects...."

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A dream come true: Morris twins soak up N.Y., eagerly await NBA fate

I love these guys!!! What an amazing story! I don't the chance to see KU play much as I live on the east coast, but of the games I did get to see I was very impressed with these guys athletic ability....(Mr Robinson as well..MAN he's going to be a BEAST! Watch!) But to only see them on the court then turn around and read a story like this? WOW! I don't know who was ultimately responsible for getting guys like that to Kansas, but whoever he/she is they should get A LOT of recognition....for that alone! Athletes like these two DON'T come a dime a dozen. And maybe I don't know the full story from not living there, but from what i've seen and read these two fellas are just unbelievable role models.......and I don't even say that with basketball in mind!
“Finally finished, can’t wait to see my family... 1 more day!!!”.....
That comment ALMOST got me...I kept it together though! But I def gotta call my brother no to say hello, or I luv ya or something........Great story Tait!

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Top dogs: Huskies shut down Bulldogs

COME ON!!!!!!!!
"We" can't even get a shadow or background shot in "One Shinning Moment..." ? That's a first.....at least for my eyes it is!


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If you could plant anything and have it grow, what would you plant?

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