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Lawrence man charged, three juveniles arrested, in robbery of pedestrian at gunpoint

Some would say that if the victim had had a gun, he could have "defended himself," in which case there would have been some dead kids. As it is, the perpetrators will go to jail, whether prison or reform school, where they will be "punished" and come out probably worse than they went in. Meanwhile, the real social work and education that needs to happen has been defunded and is not considered valid and so on it goes . . .

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

Fascism: corporations will decide what happens because democracy is inefficient -- it makes your meetings "go downhill in a heck of a hurry." Mussolini would be proud. Soon, we'll be told how Mussolini was really a good guy and the liberal historians got it wrong.

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Opinion: Seniors Travis Releford, Jeff Withey huge for Kansas

I don't think Kevin Young is getting the credit he deserves. In the first half when nobody was doing much he was scoring and rebounding to keep it close.

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Senate approves constitutional amendment to remove courts from school finance decisions

The courts have this power in order to save Kansans from the bone-headed legislature in times like these. It's called "mixed government" -- collective rule by the One, the Few, and the Many -- it's designed that way. The tyranny of the Brownbackians apparently knows no bounds.

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Recent audit eyes sale of surplus state property

This is ideologically driven by the Brownbackians, I suspect. Kansas has the smallest percentage of public lands of any state in the union. Glad I'm not a vet staying at the Old Soldier's Home when they sell these lands to the feedlots.

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County GOP under new leaders

knuckle draggers, deluded and deranged. welcome to kansas.

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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

go down to global cafe, pretty good.

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South Lawrence Trafficway legal fight ends with passing of deadline

The battle, in many ways, was lost when the initial route around SW Lawrence was approved. I was struck by the dead-end on Hwy. 59 when I first moved here 12 years ago. They knew they'd get their way in the end. Kind of like Wall Street making loans to people who can't pay them back -- they know the government will bail them out.

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Western Civilization class may no longer be required at KU

This is exactly why higher education is free in civilized countries. Students need to learn what forces created the world they live in, and they shouldn't have to go into debt to do it. If it doesn't pay, it isn't worth doing? That would put prostitution and drug dealing on a higher plane than western civ. Brilliant.

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