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Kansas revenues fall $74.5 million short in May

Bob Summers -- not one fact in anything you have said. What you have said is called "opinion." Opinions are not like facts and don't need them to exist. I think Rush is calling you, better get back to the radio --

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

This is more ALEC crap -- get federal protection of the environment out and rape what's left.

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Community makes progress toward health goals in 2013

This is why we live in Lawrence -- it's so unlike the rest of the state, thank God. And I'm a native Kansan, not from Lawrence originally; I know of what I speak. Besides, it's obvious.

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Charges won't be filed in fatal bike-truck collision at South Lawrence Trafficway

A footbridge would not be unreasonable there -- it is a bit dicey on a bicycle and there's a fair amount of foot and bike traffic there. We need to get away from this mentality that there's no money for anything. There's PLENTY of money, it's just that only a few people have it. Build a freakin' bike-trail bridge over the highway -- it would be a reflection of a conscientious community. Preventable accidents should be prevented as much as possible.

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NRA-backed Kansas law raises tough free-speech issues

The people currently running this state have no idea what a democratic-republic even is much less how to be its public servants. But then, neither does a large portion of the state's population.

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NRA-backed Kansas law raises tough free-speech issues

Apply this to the Brownbackians who have made a dog's breakfast of the state budget.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

"anticommunist" -- you have absolutely no clue what this country is supposed to be about. Public education is a hallmark of a free society. Sounds like you went to Rush Limbaugh U.

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

There but for the grace of God, as they say . . .

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New law allowing innovative school districts produces questions

First, what laws are they exempt from and how do they hinder teaching? It seems to be an important point that needs to be in this story. Second, why should educators trust anything the Brownbackians propose given their track record and their commitment to the far-right wing Koch brothers and school privatization?

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Editorial: After the fact

"Create jobs"??? This will consolidate the market share into the handful of even fewer individuals associated with Monsanto, Cargill, etc., and drive traditional farmers out. GMOs will continue to be shoved down our throats, and next we'll be hearing about their desire to OUTLAW small farming operations -- the beginnings have which they've already begun in Michigan and probably elsewhere. Go ahead, Kansas, keep voting for these corporate oligarchs (the dictionary calls them fascists). The fantasy land depicted above will dissolve and you'll find yourself living in the economic equivalent of oh, say, Paraguay.

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