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Number of meth labs in Kansas increasing, according to KBI

Should cakes, sweets or MacDonald’s be banned because some people eat too much?
Should alcohol be banned because some people drink too much?
I don’t know much about methamphetamine but I do know about amphetamine sulphate. For the addict amphetamine sulphate is very damaging, just like alcohol is for the alcoholic.
My experience with drugs (and I should know because I use to sell drugs) is that some people, a tiny minority become addicts. The vast majority of people get enjoyment from drugs and suffer no ill effects.
Think of alcohol, how many people’s lives are destroyed because of alcohol, and how many people enjoy alcohol. If alcohol was illegal today it would be a class-A drug and the news headlines would show only the addicts whose lives have been destroyed by alcohol.
Why not allow people that want to take drugs the freedom to do so and help the people who become addicted. If a man or woman becomes addicted to gambling they have the option to opt out or ban themselves from a casino.

Recreational drugs should be sold from controlled venues allowing people to opt out if they feel they have a problem, or for the police to have the power to opt someone out if they are causing problems within the community because of drugs.
A huge amount of tax payer’s money is wasted on the prohibition of drugs, most of the dangers are down to the fact that they are illegal, its time to end the war on drugs.

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