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What local team you be paying attention to tonight?

@ BABBOY aka Grammar Police......
you might want to check yourself there "grammar police".... do you mean, even or event?

Do not care about basketball until March and event then not that much..

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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

Hillcrest Tow is NO DIFFERENT!!! They overcharge as well for a tow from Baldwin to Lawrence $670!! Plus storage charges. We specifically asked them to take it to Hite Collision and they said they could / would, but they didn't. Then we get smacked with another tow charge the next day back to Hite! Not to mention our personalize was never returned, when we have pics of the vehicle
with the tag ON the vehicle when it left the wreckage. Another reason insurance is outrages! These companies are taking advantage of the insurance companies and the situation. Agreed, University Tow is the winner!

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LHS teacher, 28-year-old man injured in car accident remain in serious condition

to JUSTFORFUN: it may not be a cure all, but it may have saved a life. I think "may have" are the key words here. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident on K-10 I am very sorry. If not, think about the families that have, and pretty sure they are just hoping nobody else has to go through the hurt that they are going through. Just my two cents. I happened to be heading east on K10 the day of the Eudora/ Church street accident just as it took place, TRAGIC! I was sick for days!!

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Baldwin City man hospitalized after accident on U.S. Highway 56

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