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Opinion: Stay calm and let the NSA carry on

Max Boot was a vocal and enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq war, so he obviously has good judgement.

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Longtime owner of East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center places business and property up for sale

Thank you. I thought I was the only one. I went there a few time and, each time, thought "Did I do something to p*ss them off? Why are they being so rude?"

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Offensive effect

Yes. I'm a typical leftist liberal who found the letter embarrassing. Nuance.

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Offensive effect

I'm sure I disagree with BornAgain on just about every political issue of our time, but he makes a good point this time.

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Offensive effect

This letter encapsulates why many people hate liberals. The militarization of our civil society is a serious and troubling issue, but this letter does nothing but trivialize it. Jeremy should be ashamed for comparing the plight of children in Gaza to the minor inconvenience of his baby crying because the cannons went boom during a community performance of the "1812 Overture."

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Police take two into custody, use Taser subduing fight

Maybe they'd have fewer problems if they renamed the bar "White Wine Spritzer."

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Diversity measures

Why did college and university administrators fail to contact Mackenzie about a 12-year old article published in an obscure academic journal? How could they miss his genius insights? Maybe he'd receive a better response if he didn't put the word "diversity" in scare quotes.

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Carefree view

She's in college, working at Starbucks, and providing condescending idiots like the letter-writer hot coffee. Maybe, Richard, she just didn't want to talk to her because she sensed you were an arrogant know-it-all.

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Action on gay rights is long overdue

justanothertroll: "sorry but if you have no problem with a guy sticking his penis in another guys butt, than [sic] there is something wrong with you too, it aint natural"

You know what really aint natural? Crocs. I know the company has struggled lately, but the radical croc agenda isn't going to die out and we have to be vigilant about croc-wearers trying to recruit our young into a life of hideous fashion.

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Action on gay rights is long overdue

According to consumer1, our Defense Secretary as well as a score of retired generals are part of "the gay agenda." Who knew Teh Gay conspiracy reaches so deep into our armed services?

consumer1: "Is anyone surprised that Pitts would write a story promoting the gay agenda after spending one day in Lawrence????"

Well, no, especially given Lawrence's reputation as "the Castro on the prairie." And don't forget the many hours Pitts spent in the gay part of town, going from gay bar to gay bar, meeting with local GBLT activists, as well as acting as Grand Marshall of our yearly Pride parade. So, no, I'm not surprised that the DC-based nationally syndicated columnist's thoughts on gay rights were deeply and uniquely influenced by his one-day visit to our town. How can any reasonable person conclude otherwise?

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