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Kansas tea party group renews push for anti-gay bill

I really wish they would pass the bill and then, in this small town, the minute someone was denied services there would be a major boycott of that business and the owner would learn that most of us believe in equality for all.

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Saturday Column: Review of universities must be taken seriously

Couldn't agree more. As proof just look at the schedule these "already decided, slash and burn legislators are only doing a drive by look at the largest university in the state. Not even stopping on the Lawrence campus to get off the bus. Just want to few the "opulence" that's been paid for by private donations. But they will be back with hands out for free basket ball tickets.

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NCI review

If KU is successful it certainly won't be due to help from the editor/publisher/owner of this newspaper. He's workd tirelessly to undermine all the good done at KU Med.

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Farm wives stake common ground for food education

Of course the farms are "family owned". That's because by law corporations can't put the screws to the government for huge subsidies. So Dad gets his share, Mom gets hers and each of the kids file too. Ag Welfare.

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Conference priorities

This editorial and this mess are not about involvement of chancellors and presidents it's about SOME chancellors and presidents. This is about the top dogs at A&M, Oklahoma, Texas and now Misery. Those chancellors and presidents drove the bus and the rest were dragged along behind the freight train with no other choices.

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Did you watch the final episode of Oprah?

Yep. Exactly like Rush

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

That is NOT the way most Southeast Kansans talk. Glad he's not mine.

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Private funding of buildings on Kansas college campuses debated

Bob_Keeshan....there you go again assuming all of these guys can read.

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Group to decide how to display James Naismith's basketball rules

The committee (task force) should adhere to the golden rule..."Him that has the gold, rules".
Mr. Booth should have them placed wherever he wants.

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House panel approves Kansas voter ID bill

I have read everything that I can find on the Kobach crusade and have yet to see him list the specific voter fraud cases he counts. The only case I know of was certainly not fraud, was a serviceman returning from Iraq who tried to vote but wasn't registered.
Wish he'd put up or shut up.

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