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Courtroom full of police and detectives sees 21-year-old man sentenced for injuring Lawrence officer

I hope you remember this comment when you are in trouble and need the assistance of law enforcement. Don't forget about karma.

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Courtroom full of police and detectives sees 21-year-old man sentenced for injuring Lawrence officer

They weren't trying to intimidate the judge! They were showing their support for their fellow officer and showing Galloway they stand by each other and will not tolerate abuse.

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Five arrested in two burglary incidents in the 1100 block of Louisiana

I would have to say that if there is a strange person in my home that nobody allowed to enter, then it wouldn't be that hard to prove that I felt the threat of imminent bodily harm.

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Former priest to be extradited to Texas to face sex-abuse charges

This was already a known case to begin with. If you do a search for his name, it appears in another news affiliates article. His name had already been advertised because he was wanted for these charges and was still at large. The article also included a description of him in hopes he would be identified so they could arrest him.

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Let High-Schoolers Go to Bed On-Time

I say they continue going to school at the same times they currently do. In my opinion, if their start times are pushed back so they can sleep in, we are just teaching them to be lazy just as they are entering the job market. Sure, some workers enjoy shifts with later start times, and sometimes even over night, but the majority of workers are employed from 8am - 5pm. I feel this is a very bad idea. Being a parent, I am also concerned of what this will do to the family schedule. Employers are not going to change parents start times just because their child is going to school later. Also, teens are going to use this as an excuse to stay out later and go to bed later. Their thought process tells them that if they don't have to wake up until later, they can sleep in later. Bad idea all around, I say.

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Ex-priest tells judge he thought Texas officials had dropped charges alleging sex crimes against children

Because his name had already been mentioned several times by other news reports as he was a wanted person.

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