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What effect has the weakening economy had on you personally compared to a year ago?

I would take what b3 and blessed say with a grain of salt. They are die hard republicans. As long as they have Bush in the White House they wouldn't admit anything was wrong if they were starving in the street. Morons.

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Sebelius to name new AG on Friday

I was hoping for Kline too. We'd really get some nationwide publicity on that!! Kansas! as hayseed as you think!!! It could be a new tourism slogan. Come to Kansas and see the neo con freak show. Featuring Fred Phelps and Phil Kiine.

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Bush: US should have bombed Auschwitz railway to help Jews

He'd be better off pulling his head out of his @ss and figuring out how to fix the present mess(s) he has us in.
Not much sense shedding tears over something that happened 60 some odd years ago and can't be changed anyway. Worry about something that can still be fixed!

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Sebelius, former foe support cigarette tax

Hell why not just tax or ban everything that brings people any type of pleasure or relaxation? Start with cigarettes and fast food. Then you can move on to alcohol. Then you can put an extra tax on each TV and computer sold and on cable and satalite bills. We all know sitting around watching TV and playing on the computer isn't good for you. You'll have to pay extra for your coffee tea and soda too because we all know about that evil caffine. And don't forget that raw cookie dough for GOD sakes! That will kill you for sure. Better tax anyone buying chocolate chips. You know that might be making some cookies and eating the dough. Do you like your steak rare? Well man are you in trouble!
Shoot they'll have us all whipped into shape like sheep in no time!!

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Do you agree with a statewide smoking ban?

No. I think a statewide smoking ban sucks. Never the less I think it will pass. The whiny sissy anti smokers have all the experts lined up in their corner.
I'll just smoke outside and wait for the day they decide to outlaw fatty foods or soft drinks or any number of other things that are deemed "unhealthy". So I can LMAO. And you know as well as I will happen someday.
I am sure sooner or later someone will get the idea to open an underground establishment were (GASP) smoking is allowed. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.

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Smoking bans gain momentum in KC area

Just more nosy goodie two shoes getting the government to control everything to their liking. Thats all it is. Same way with all the beautification laws telling ever body else how their lawn and house needs to look. I bet our forefathers are rolling in their graves....

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Morrison asks judicial agency to investigate allegations

Bet ya 10 bucks Miss Carter is in bed with Phil Kline on this thing and has been for a good long time...
Kansas...It just keeps getting weirder and weirder...

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House passes bill calling for troops to come home

Jesus H. Christ. They're sure are alot of people on here who don't have a life. Who the h@ll cares anymore? W has all but ruined our country and totally trashed our economy. But we all just sit around with out thumbs up our @ss's and let him do it. So who's fault is it? We should have been in the streets demanding impeachment 3 years ago. Instead of running to the gas station to pay $3.00 a gallon for gas over and over like a bunch of sheep in a blizzard.
It is to late to even try to impeach him now. His term will be up before the process would be completed anyway. In a way we got just what we deserved. It will fall to whoever the unfortunate person who gets elected next to get us out of this mess. If thats even possible.

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Quantrill-themed T-shirt stirs bitter emotion

Amen Saintliest. Lawrence: Get over yourselves!! The Civil War was not fought because of slavery-it was fought the same reason as most wars-Money. Mr. Lincoln didn't give two hoots about slavery. It all boiled down to money. And Lawrence was burned in retaliation for innocent people being terrorized and killed in Missouri and the eastern and southeastern part of Kansas.
No wonder most of the rest of Kansas wishes Lawrence would secede from the state.
I hope MU whips your little sissy butts!!!!

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Questions of judgment

Bipolar my foot. Overweight and desprate is more like it.

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