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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A tale of an abandoned baby, a dime and a Lawrence laundromat

Many biological families are submitting DNA to databases such as 23andme.com ftdna.com and ancestry.com in efforts to reunite with relatives. 23andme.com is nice because the results show health risks as well as connect you with biological relatives. Those results can then be uploaded into ftdna and ancestry. The autosomal or "family finder" test pulls dna from both the mother and the father and will give links to recent relatives. Even if your immediate family doesn't sign up it is possible to discover which family tree you belong in..... as an older adoptee I searched and found decades ago and now help others reunite as a Search Angel. As soon as my dna was uploaded to 23andme.com I was notified I had a second cousin. I didn't recognize her name and upon contact discovered SHE was adopted out of the family. Thru lots of research we believe we have the branch and we will find her original family.

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