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Abortion: A Logical Approach

Point of clarification. RU486 and Emergency Contraception Pills are NOT the same thing. RU486 is an abortifacient that you use AFTER you are pregnant and before the 9th week. Emergency Contraception is to PREVENT pregnancy. Once you are pregnant, if you take EC aka Plan B, it will NOT work. It will not cause an abortion. it will not mutate the growing embryo. It just doesn't work.

Please don't propagate the confusion between the 2 medications. One requires an ultrasound and can only be gotten through an MD RU486. The other (plan B) is over the counter for men and women 17 years of age and older in the US. (though it SHOULD be available over the counter to everyone, but Obama and Sec of State Sebelius blocked that) http://oursilverribbon.org/blog/?p=417

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