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Lawrence schools now out of snow days

First of all, why don't you cite research that says collaboration time has to take time out of the school day, and that it cannot be an additional thirty to sixty minutes each day after the kids get out. A lot of schools do collaboration time but not all schools do it like Lawrence. Collaboration is great, but it doesn't have to put kids out of school two hours early one day a week.

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KU picked for first in Big 12 preseason coaches poll

Also in the news...

Water is wet.

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Town Talk: More about the proposed N.W. Lawrence sports complex, and why Lawrence shouldn't try to be Olathe

The city needs to partner with KU and build something at Kasold and Bob Billings. That area is HUGE. It seems like the perfect location for something like this.

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Local corn crop called a ‘disaster’

The reason there is corn in everything is because our government has made it so damn cheap because of subsidies. Not because it is so special! Corn farming is inefficient, not drought resistant and nutritionally lacking compared to just about every other crop on the planet.

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Local corn crop called a ‘disaster’

Corn farmers get so much assistance, perhaps you should educate yourself about that. there is a reason there is a Corn lobby.

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Local corn crop called a ‘disaster’

Whoopdy Frickin' doo. And if a farmer grows corn, he is paid handsomely and excessively by American tax dollars. He didn't say anything about cattle farmers or other farmers. These are corn farmers. Spoiled rotten by Uncle Sam to the detriment of the entire nation.

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Ironman 70.3 Kansas on tap today

They did do this the first year the event was at Clinton. The city of Lawrence gave very little support for this event and still continues to drop the ball.

This is a world class event. In past years, you have had the elite of endurance racing in Lawrence for this race.

Lawrence leaders should embrace this race, but instead they act like it isn't even happening. These people spend money. Ever looked at their bikes?

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Proposal puts part of Lawrence in 1st District

You know what would fix this? A law forbidding the legislature from dividing counties when considering districts for federal representation.

Is there a law that says districts have to be contiguous?

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Kansas Court of Appeals rules Martin Miller should get new murder trial

Lame, take your misguided and unfounded criticisms of the Douglas County DA and LEO elsewhere. This has ZERO to do with the prosecutors or the cops in this situation and everything to do with the District Court, which, if you had ANY sense you would know, is part of the State of Kansas.

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Obama: Israel has not decided on Iran attack

They wouldn't get their butts whooped though. The gap between Israeli capabilities and the rest of the region's armed forces has gotten larger and larger.

I asked a Marine Corp fighter pilot who the best in the world were, and without any hesitation he said "the Israelis". Even compared to Americans in American planes, and he said "yes." Their entire population is prepared to die defending their territory, and unlike people who give that concept lip service in the US, these guys actually prepare for it.

In order for Israel to truly be threatened, EVERY neighbor would have to invade, with everything. Then Israel would just nuke their capitols. Game over.

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