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Royals edge Mariners, 6-5, in 12

So what? In the 19 years the wild card has been around, six wild card teams have won the World Series, and five teams have made it but lost. I think it goes without saying that the wild card is needed to help adjust for the marathon of a season that is pro baseball.

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Glove stories: Kansas University baseball players talk about their first — and current — gloves

Recently found an immaculate $220 catchers glove at a garage sale. Bought it for $10. Beautiful Wilson, maybe used in three games. Still not completely broken in. Score.

First year of college baseball, I bought a glove through one of my Puerto Rican teammates. Weird brand, "American" it said on the tag, along with "Made in Mexico". It came completely unlaced. Had to have my high school math teacher lace it for me. Loved that glove. Used it all through college and put it away after, to use it only a couple of times. Years later, at my son's very first teeball game I left it there, never to be seen again. Crushed...

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Simple for a simpleton. None of the Kansas cities are above 100. This has more to do with Brownback's policies than it does with Lawrence policies.

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

It was close, but elijah shouldn't have made it close.

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Editorial: Gun stampede

Seriously? The Republican party is the group who as become radicalized. Most Americans support universal background checks, yet Republican legislators believe that they somehow have support for their stance opposing said background checks.

I'm sorry, who is living on the fringe?

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Editorial: Gun stampede

Using your logic, we shouldn't have 20 MPH zones around schools because it would just attract speed demon psychopaths in cars...

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

There is a very good reason others cannot be used. MS and HS courts are made to host spectators. Most if not all of the grade school gyms are not.

From your comments you:

a) Have never coached a youth basketball team in Lawrence or,

b) Have never had a kid in youth basketball in Lawrence or,

c) Have never been to one of the grade school gyms in Lawrence.

If you have, you would realize they aren't designed to host competitions.

While I don't support the massive new rec center half way to Topeka, I do think we need more courts for competitions AND practices in Lawrence.

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

You can't use all of the grade schools for games. They are not designed for spectators, and if you have been to any recreation games you would know that there are usually quite a few spectators at these games.

For example, one of our newest schools, Langston Hughes is probably the only school that could host a basketball game because it has the biggest gym of all the grade schools. Even then it would be relatively tight as there is no room for spectators.

If you want to see what I am talking about, go to a CYO game at St. John. They host games there and attempt to provide seating for spectators. It is always very full with seating right next to the court and people spilling out into the hallway.

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City prepares to sign development agreement for Rock Chalk Park recreation center as questions continue

I supported this project before I knew where they planned on putting it. Having a "Recreation Center" so far out on the periphery is stupid, it needs to be in a more central location where more people can utilize it on a regular basis. As it stands now, the only benefit it has is to provide more locations for youth athletics games, something that does not require as many courts as are being requested.

A simpler fix would be to add one or two courts to the other rec centers that have the space. And add a smaller, two court rec center somewhere in NW Lawrence . East Lawrence could add two more courts easily, while Holcolm has enough room for one court.

Funding could then be arranged so that the city can upgrade the school gyms that are smaller. Then these schools could be used for games and practices two at a time. The schools benefit because they now have more space and modern gyms and the city can now double up in schools that could only work for one event at a time.

Also, why aren't the High Schools gymnasiums used for youth sports? Both Free State and LHS have two gyms that could be used on weekends for youth games.

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