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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

Ummmm, couldn't that also mean the same thing? Abortion = reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies?.....

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

Wow. Now someone is equating unborn children with aliens. How low our society has become.....

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Tiller's abortion clinic sold

Wow. So you are equating unborn babies with tapeworms? *smh*

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Letter to the Editor: Oil addiction

Hmmmm, so you are suggestingi that we extract ourselves from the teat of gasoline and instead latch onto the teat of natural gas. Fascinating.......

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UNC's Roy Williams has surgery to remove tumor

For some reason I immediately thought this had something to do with all the Cokes, Coach Roy drank over the years?.... Get well soon Coach!

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Program for undocumented immigrants expected to help some KU students

"...and who have not been convicted of certain crimes."

Say what?...

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KU group investing in campus trees

I wonder what Facilities & Operations thinks of this idea?

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Lawrence district doesn’t serve kids ‘pink slime’

"...Europe won't eat it because they have brains...."

How ironic considering up until a few years ago, bovine brains were part of the European diet a few years ago....

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Kobach task force completes plan for election regulation, use of voter IDs

Good. It looks like that's three less democrat/liberals that we need to worry about. I'd say the new regulations are having the right effect....

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Vehicles have run off U.S. 59, hit fence on property over 30 times

Howabout an Evel Knieval style ramp? She could sell tickets, set up a camera and post videos on Youtube.....

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