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Trash day to change next week for many Lawrence residents

I try to always put them so the side midway down with the short metal bar is facing the street. Their latch can then easily grab it so they don't have to spin it which slows them.

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City issues few tickets as part of snow-shoveling ordinance

You are so RIGHT! I walk from near the fairgrounds nearly all the way to campus and very little was cleared! I had to take to walking in the bike lanes most the way which is not safe. Plus, the ends of the sidewalks where the plows pushed the snow were giant piles so if you could walk on a clean sidewalk you had to mount those to get to the walks. I know the plows have to do their work...and in my opinion the streets were GREAT...but either homeowners need to shovel the ends or crews need to come back later to clear them. It was the same on Harper St which meant a lot of the kids headed to Kennedy Elem were having to go in the street to get around and back on the sidewalk.

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Store that specializes in e-cigarettes opens on 23rd Street; update on Menards project

I don't understand why Menards wants to build next door to Home Depot. They are essentially the same store. Why be next door? I can't believe Depot is happy about that.

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Kobach proposes rule change on proof-of-citizenship requirement to register to vote

Here's my question: almost all the items that are accepted for proof are things one must pay to get. But voting is freedom\right. So basically they are charging people to be able to vote! How is that fair or even constitutional????

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Town Talk: Kansas poll shows Romney with big lead, majority still supports Brownback; Democrats retain big edge in numbers in Douglas County; Lawrence artist sells work to Smithsonian

Folks will keep supporting Brownback till the tax measures he pushed through cause an enormous shortfall and bankrupt the state and education. It's coming.

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Registration kinks

I went to the satellite office at Dillons last week and had no wait and the whole tag renewal took less than 10 minutes.I always use that site and rarely find it busy and always find the workers helpful!

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Jayhawk fans storm downtown to bask in afterglow of Final Four victory

I just didn't quite get the magnitude of doing alll this for the semi-finals. I mean, fireworks already? It is like most forgot there is still one game to go.

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Town Talk: More apartments slated for Clinton Parkway area; Iowa Street to get unplanned repairs; roadwork coming to major entrance to KU; Lawrence to look pretty in pink

Not sure this fits the TOWN part of this column....anyone know about construction on K10? They had flashing signs up 3 weeks in a row saying it would happen and then nothing from the start date and the signs disappear....

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Unattended body found in woods Saturday; 'no obvious signs of foul play'

I live there too and had no idea.

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