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Unattended body found in woods Saturday; 'no obvious signs of foul play'

I live there too and had no idea.

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Family, friends maintain memorial cross on Sixth Street years after fatal motorcycle crash

While I feel for the family and their mourning, I have never understood why anyone would want to mark the spot where someone they loved died. If you want to put flowers, markers or gather to remember, that's what a gravestrone and cemetary are for. Otherwise, leaving something where that person was killed only keeps the depressing feelings around. Please stop.

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Town Talk: Church purchases property for O'Connell Road development; Burger King project moving ahead in northwest Lawrence; historic preservation event set for Thursday

As someone who commutes back and forth from here to KCK for work I would LOVE a grocery store on the edge of town. Would be so conveinient. Would love a no-frills one like Checkers .

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How would you grade KU's performance against Baylor's zone defense in the Jayhawks' victory Wednesday?

If you want respect than earn it....quit whining about how other teams treat you, your playing time, how personal life is making playing hard........sorry but it seems that this team wants to make a lot of excuses as to why they are not dominating opponents like they should and having to come up with more and more excuses. All that whining and false bravado is going to get you bumped in the postseason fast unless you get over it.

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Superintendent search is a job for the experts

I teach in Piper and we are much smaller than Lawrence. When our new supt was hired, they had a consulting firm. They talked to teachers and got input on what we wanted to see in a leader and also helped narrow the candidate pool down to 5 applicants. Having someone do that freed teachers and administrators up to keeping doing their jobs and be ready to get involved when the interview process started. Also cut down on the stigma of the "good-l' boys network" so that we had applicants coming in based on their merits not on 'who they knew'

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