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Post hurricane, Lawrence gasoline prices highest in the state; Casey's files plans for Sixth Street store

So agree. I travel to see family about once a month to central Kansas and their town of 3000 with just 2 gas stations is always 10-15 cents cheaper. A town like Lawrence with a greater amount of competition should never be higher than small communities.

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Budding business may cause school board member to leave board early; a six-mile traffic backup; chamber elects new leaders

I was one of those in the backup trying to get home. I can't say it surprised me as one of the first things I thought of when I realized it would be only one lane onto 23rd Street ( at 45 mph no less) was how congested it would likely get on game days. With all the advance work and study, I am flabbergasted why planners thought making a focal point entry into town should be reduced to one lane. KDOT, KU and law enforcement better get on educating the public immediately so what happened last night does not keep recurring. And, though I don't want to see more work out there, I hope that if it does not get better that the consider going back to a two lane entrance into town.

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Great service
Attention to detail
Kept fully informed of the process and what needed to be done and was being done.
Friendly and knowledgeable and kept things moving so were mindful of my time.
Highly recommend and will definitely return as needed.

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Kansas Senate leader says don't expect action on school funding this week; other leaders talk of defying court

You have had over a year to work on a fix to help schools and have done nothing. Quit politicking and DO YOUR JOB!

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More than a dozen social service agencies recommended for cuts in city's 2016 budget; downtown July 4 celebration planned; satellite treasurer's office moving

I applaud The treasurers office for offering the satellite offices. It makes it so much nicer and convenient to have different options. Especially the one at Dillons opening at 7 AM. Really helpful for people on the go.

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Lawrence leaders get behind-the-scenes look at curbside recycling program

You know what a huge chunk of the paper going in is LJ World?? Your (for the most party unnecessary) Crave weekly paper. I get one in my mailbox and then drive up to find one on my driveway. A waste! Plus both houses on either side of me are are empty and your delivery person keeps throwing ones there. Last time I picked them up there were 4 weeks worth. Quit adding to the mess! I realize folks likely can't opt out--I would if I could---but at least don't double dip us!

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Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor's race

How can one be comfortable with a man who has decimated education, arts, finances and our state's entire image? Sending us back to the 1930s and making us laughing stock in the world view.

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5 things to know about the city's new curbside recycling service

Found it..thanks for the suggestion....ok on shredded if in clear bags!

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5 things to know about the city's new curbside recycling service

Great idea. Thanks. Happy Recycling!

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