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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

I'm guessing most of the negative posts responding to Gill's hiring are from those die hard fans who leave games after the first and second quarters. If you want a good football team, support them... for the whole game!

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Sebelius' coal veto stands

I have laughed a lot during the past couple of months reading all of the postings about these coal fired plants. Coal isn't the best idea, but for all of those people who think wind power is the solution don't understand how things work. If you need 600 megawatts of power and you get 400 from coal/natural gas/nuclear, and the other 200 is coming from wind, you better hope the wind is blowing all of the time. If it's not, there are going to be a lot of somebodies without electricity. I've also read that western Kansas is perfect for wind generation. Having lived in both parts of this state, the wind is just stronger out here, so strong that many days the turbines would have to be shut down so they wouldn't be damaged. Then there was the complaining of people because the electric companies were going to make the consumer help pay for wind generation. (If you want it, you're going to have to pay for it.) One last thing that I found interesting is that when I read the Capital Journal and notice Mr. Bremby via email telling a developer of an oil refinery that if he submitted a permit, he would approve it. Not a big surprise that the refinery was looking to build in the eastern part of the state!

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Sebelius: No 'tailored' coal plant deal

First of all, who conducted the survey? Secondly, I have read that we don't need this plant in Kansas because only 15% of the electricity is staying in Kansas. That is the most ridiculous arguement. I don't see anyone telling farmers not to produce more than what is needed in this state, nor any other industry for that matter. Coal is not the best alternative, however, if the population and demand continue to increase, wind and solar cannot keep up with that demand alone. If you think it can, you are dreaming.

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Alternative energy will benefit state, leader says

While we are getting rid of CO2 emissions, I guess we need to have auto makers immediately stop making gasoline powered vehicles. Maybe they should build pedal cars, that way we could fight obesity while saving the earth!

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Alternative energy will benefit state, leader says

The wind farms in western Kansas that were planned are now being put on hold because of the lack of transmission lines for the electricity. I think it's ridiculous for Bremby to say "the glass is overflowing" when the wind farms won't be built without the extra lines that would have been put in place with the coal plant expansion.

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Power company lining up support for coal plants

If you guys and gals want to be consistent, then I think you need to demand that automakers immediately stop producing gasoline powered vehicles. These vehicles, especially the monsterous SUV's are extremely inefficient. I know you will come up with some imaginitive response to defend your vehicle, but face it, these vehicles are a large part of the problem. Maybe they should produce pedal cars, that way we could fight obesity as well as save the Earth. Oh, and by the way, I currently live in western Kansas, and you probably have no clue what the current issues are out here.

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Power company lining up support for coal plants

Build your wind turbines in eastern Kansas! You can rely on wind power, and then don't complain when you don't have continuous electricity. If you think we can maintain sustainable power without coal powered electricity, you're living in the dark. Which is where you will be most of the time if you are relying on wind power.

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SLT switch: City backs wetlands roadway

The power plant in western Kansas would have been beneficial to tens of thousands of people also. What happened to all of you treehuggers. You nixed our power plant because of environmental issues. The heck with the SLT! SAVE THE EARTH!

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Lawrence played a role in derailing power project

What are you smokin thomgreen? Western Kansas has little say in what goes on in this state. It's a shame too, because people out here are the ones with the common sense!

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Lawrence played a role in derailing power project

You obviously don't know much about western Kansas. Many farmers are moving towards dryland farming, which means no irrigation. As for you who think wind farms are the answer, I've never seen a high yeild on a wind farm come harvest time. The economic impact as well as the energy impact would be minimal.

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