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Pipefitter healing from accident that doctor couldn’t believe he survived

As an old Classmate of Dennis', I know first hand that he is an amazing individual. I'm so glad to see that he is doing well and on the road to a good recovery. A good positive outlook helps so much with the recovery period. Way to go D & A

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Family and friends remember LHS math teacher Debra Green

Thanks for writing this great well deserved article Peter. Mrs. Green meant a lot to Lawrence and the whole LHS student body. It was a great honor to have her as a teacher and counselor and friend. She will be missed, but her legacy lives on.

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Deaths of blacks in custody raise questions

Intelligence looks into problem and finds solutions.
Ignorance looks away and ignores the problem!

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Deaths of blacks in custody raise questions

Jhawkinsf- What is YOUR forthdrawn conclusion? Tell us your opinion!! What do YOU think happen in all those cases that Pitts listed. Equal justice? How about the fact that those who are to protect and serve, missed the memo that they should ALSO PROTECT a person from themselves. Think about that one....

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Deaths of blacks in custody raise questions

Gotland- What do YOU think she should be worried about?! Wait-for-it!!!

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6 mobile homes condemned, some families displaced for safety risks

I'm sure that's Bob's next task... Him and Rick R. have big plans for that trailer court property behind Johnny's. Something about extending downtown North? You watch and see if these words don't come true!! It's a shame that landlords can't do better by these people paying them lot rent. Property owner's have responsibilities towards their tenants and that's where the attention should be focused..

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Ordinance targets vehicles in front of South Park

Way to Go Bob S! Attack the guys trying to better themselves and move on down the road. All the while helping that shmuck trying to build another ugly hotel/apartments at the corner of 9th & New Hampshire. Atta Boy Bob! Way to help the downtown business's again!

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Family displaced by fire

So glad this young man and his family made it out of the house safely. Praise the Lord for that and now we as a community need to find a way to help this family. I'm on MY search for avenues now!! How about you?

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16 Things: Band leader strikes up a list of notable and entertaining events

Tom is an amazing person and teacher! Great article LJW!!! I grew up with Tom as a father figure and was a great influence while studying music at KU and Marching in the Band. Great Article Tom and I can HEAR your voice in ALL your answers. It's got that Little Southern Drawl.

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Southwest Middle School student transported to LMH after football injury

Hmmm! Not sure where you got your information Alex/ Lyle?? A Southwest student football player was transferred from South Middle School field during the football "game" between the two schools.

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