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Town Talk: Greenhouse competition to heat up; car dealer locates at Ninth and Iowa; Vermont Street BBQ into old Joe College; run, jump and shot put in downtown

I wouldn't buy a car from Hariq, and if I did I certainly wouldn't leave the lot without title in hand.

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Town Talk: Vermont Street BBQ to reopen; Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery coming to Lawrence?; CVB announces leadership shift

Rock Bottom was across from Best Buy and is currently an Old Chicago. Picadilly was south of what is now Old Chicago.

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With $2.95 million offer, couple outbid development group for prime property near Lecompton interchange

Technically they only paid $1.475M plus their original investment in the property. If Berry builds the building and it is a triple net lease they'd only need collect about $15K a month and would still have half the property to develop.

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City nears deal on Farmland property

By the time the trust fund has earned $4M the cost of inflation and rising wages will have pushed the $13M cost to over $20M. The city should just buy it and tear out the old buildings getting rid of an eye sore with the trust money. Get rid of the eye sore now and think about cleaning the soil when economic times are better.

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Oread hotel on schedule for debut in February

So will the 3 bars only be allowed to serve beer?

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Lawrence Freenet seeks county help with rural Web plan

aritcle from LJW saying service was supposed to be free:

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Lawrence Freenet seeks county help with rural Web plan

Josh and Freenet have a histoy of lying to the city commision to get what they want. When they got the city to allow them to put their equipment on city property, for next to nothing, internet service was supposed to be free to EVERYONE. Shortly after getting the city's approval they set up their for profit company and started charging for service.

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New deli slated for South Iowa

Z's sucks in my opinion. And they always act like you should be giving them a tip.

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