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Do you usually vote along party lines or mix it up when you vote?

I may lean towards one party but have mixed it up. Usually at least once per election. I tend to go R nationally and D locally. Only lemmings vote straight D or R.

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Town Talk: Papa Murphy's pizza, karate, wireless phone store and a credit union slated for new West Lawrence center

It is implied that there are five pizza places that offer the same choice. One is a bar with great pizza and one is a take out place with horrible pizza. I do think the loser will be Morningstar out of those five,

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Town Talk: Papa Murphy's pizza, karate, wireless phone store and a credit union slated for new West Lawrence center

You can't compare Johnny's vs. Papa Murphys! Even though the original location has the best pizza, Johnny's is far superior. It is like comparing Coke to Vess Cola!

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Editorial: Finally fair

I happen to work in Missouri and I ship there to save the sales tax whn I buy from Amazon. An immediate 7 or 8 percent savings.

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Town Talk: Earthbound Trading Company set to open in Downtown Lawrence; talk of Kansas City's Jazz restaurant to open locally; fire engines and a change in how the city spends its sales tax dollars

Any idea of the possible location of Jazz? My daughter loves the place and she calls it the "trumpet place"!

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Heard on the Hill: Podcast pans ESPN documentary on basketball rules; KU student plays piano at Carnegie Hall; another Twitter list

I think the making a good documentary should show an unbiased viewer why it is a big deal. If made well enough it should appeal to more viewers than show a passionate interest its subject matter.

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Heard on the Hill: 'K-State' not dead after all; enrollment numbers coming today; a KU sweep at aircraft design contest

Dfy- Even this K-Stater knows that KU has always had a few thousand more student than KSU. Jack proved you wrong.

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'K-State' getting new brand

This is old news. Efforts have been underway to develop one brand across the university by using Kansas State University ever since Schulz got to Manhattan. But it will take a while for the general public to consistently call it Kansas State.

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Lawrence police release results of game-day patrol, including 153 parking violations and 22 alcohol violations

One of those 153 drivers was blocking my driveway. It didn't take long for the police to show up and he wasn't parked there anymore. Thanks goes out to the law enforcement involved. (and the tow truck company)

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