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Haskell instructor hopes to keep up fellowship success

Larry- come on now! You didn't do your research. The American Indian College Fund is a private, not-for-profit organization that supports educational endeavors of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Exactly why should this private organization give their endowment funds to the federal government to reduce the national debt?

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Haskell's spring enrollment up 12.5 percent

Geek- - thank you, I appreciate your comments.

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Freeman Used Furniture going out of business after 40 years

that's sad! i'll miss freemans. i've bought and sold to them in the past and they were always so nice. i referred many new college students to them knowing that they'd get what they want at a fair price!

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No accidents: November ArtStar drawn to explore Burroughs’ ‘magical universe’

This is a wonderful and much deserved honor! Way to go Hannah!

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Social services brace for ‘new faces’

where can someone go to help and who do we call?

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Arensberg's Shoes to close

Interesting...I see a lot of former employee's commenting here. I wish you were my sales person the several times I went into that store. I've lived in Lawrence for over 17 years and have NEVER had a decent visit into that store! I would go in every now and then (with a forgiving heart) to take a closer look at the shoes in the window...always with the intent to buy if it flattered. I was NEVER acknowledged with a hello, may I help you. Finally learned my lesson and avoided the shoe store. Terrible customer service and just plain unfriendly people from the owners to the employees.Sad they are closing...but not difficult to believe. They probably would have had many more repeat customers, not just a browsers, if they learned how to treat everyone like "potential" customers!!

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Tapahonso to read new poetry collection

ARTICLE CORRECTION: This reading was held LAST NIGHT at the Arts Center. She will read again tomorrow, November 3rd at noon at the Haskell Cultural Center & Museum, Barker and Indian Avenue. This event is also free and open to the public.

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Lost and found

That was the best piece of writing on the LJW website that I've read in a while! I'm still snickering to myself! Thanks, Andrew. You made my day!

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Jayhawks looking for 'Cats of a different stripe

Mr. Keating is a negative nancy today!!

Rock Choke, i mean Chalk Jayhawks!! ;)

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Straying from the flock

I'm on vacation and as I sit here, there is a nice big pot of lamb stew on the stove...mmmm...

Then, before i hit the road back to larryville, i plan to grab a nice big roast mutton and green chile sandwich for the road trip!!

I agree with "justthefacts"...to each their own. Me and my family grew up eating lamb and mutton. But, we also learned how our dinner came to be on our table. We learned the traditional way to prepare our food from butchering to serving. Makes you appreciate the food and the sacrifice (you can define how "sacrifice" relates).

So "me and mine," will continue to enjoy and give thanks for every opportunity we get to enjoy this wonderful food.

Thanks for the great article...makes me even hungrier!

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