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Lawrence police: No foul play suspected in Feb. 9 shooting death

Umm...I've read, and re-read all of the articles on this incident and no where did I see alcohol was involved. That's a pretty big assumption. The coroners report hasn't been released yet.

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Navajo Code Talker receives degree 60 years after leaving KU

Thanks, Matt for a great story. It was wonderful to witness the honoring ceremony at the LIed Center yesterday. Mr. Nez is such an inspiration to so many people. I would also like to note that the Navajo language has always been a vibrant and much spoken langage. I believe the story states that it was a "rarely spoken native Navajo language." We are blessed to have Navajo language immersion programs and classes in our schools (many colleges, as well), that help stengthen the language. As a matter of fact, it's not uncommon to hear Dine' (Navajo) students around town speaking Navajo. :)

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Haskell volleyball in postseason

Thanks, LJWorld for sharing one of the MANY amazing sports stories on the Haskell campus. I'm sure the SID has a ton more...with photos, stats. As a matter of fact, you can find all things Haskell Sports at: http://www.haskellathletics.com/. Happy Friday.

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Ex-Haskell coach headed to Hall

Oh my goodness...a positive Haskell article. Thanks, LJW.

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'The Articulate Body': Finding beauty in gestures

This is a wonderful article. It's on the front page of the Arts section today, March 14th. The exhibit closed on March 8th. :( All of the "featured" articles on today page of the Arts section are dated in January.

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Domestic violence center needs movers, painters

Irene, I believe the article states that they are moving to new office space. The office and the shelter are never in the same location. And you're right, the location should never be disclosed.

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Haskell Indian Nations University marks past, future at graduation

I went to the graduation Friday...it was inspiring to see all of the graduates! Onward Haskell!

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Live weather updates: KDOT phone number, Web site responding slowly, if at all

"Harrington says Lawrence is looking at 6-10" of snow — but not starting until after midnight."

What a cruel, cruel world...snow to begin falling after midnight on a Saturday! Roads should be clear by Monday. Sorry kids...no snowday! hehe

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Haskell players now All-MCAC first team

Congrats guys!! Thanks for giving us a great season!

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