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Northeast Kansas facing critical blood shortage

Although the article doesn't state it, in additional to red blood cells there is also need for other blood components especially for platelets which are only good for five days. Thus, a constant level of new donations is necessary. If you blood type is A+, B+ or AB+ please consider making this type of donation, which is done at a CBC donor center.

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Boy with rare lung disease meets former KU basketball stars

Although the headline mentions cancer, nowhere in the article is this word used. In the article about this boy that is linked, it states he has a genetic defiency in making surfactants, which is not a cancer.

Do headline writers at the JW even read the articles?

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City wants ideas for homeless campsite

Multidisplinary...maybe they all went back to Mexico after they lost their Tysons jobshey merrill how about a nice campsite just south of I-70 and just east of kasold

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City wants ideas for homeless campsite

Want to know how Lawrence can go from having a couple of hundred homeless people to over a thousand in just a short time? Make it very easy to be homeless here, give away food with no strings attached and allow people free land to build substandard housing out of trash.As they said in the movie"Built it and they will come"

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Shots fired outside Cross Town Tavern; police looking for suspect

thread over, gccs14r wins

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City commission to hear request for campsite for homeless people

Some other "compassionate" communities have tried the same thing and once you get a sanctioned shantytown it doesn't just stay 20-30 people, once the word gets out then BOOM you will have 200-300 or more people there and then you will have the difficult choice of shutting down a much bigger problem

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Westar customers face record fuel costs, plus new request for rate increase

also this should be further argument against building new coal fired electricity plants. Demand for coal is going to continue to grow rapidly (for supply reasons--although the u.s. has plenty of coal in the ground there are not an abundance of active mines and the approval process takes time, and for supply reasons, such as coal-to-liquid fuel usage, a small but fast emerging segment of demand).Thus it makes more economic sense to invest in wind which has no fuel costs

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Westar customers face record fuel costs, plus new request for rate increase

hipper than hipyour prices are off ...a lot. Coal from the powder river basin which is the closest major source has risen from 10 to 15 dollars a ton and that as at the mine site, rail charges are also much higher (due to diesel costs) .

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Commuter bus plan would connect Lawrence to Kansas University Medical Center

Please please please make this happen. I am KUMC student and round trip for me cost $15, even carpooling with one other is still expensive. Just in my program their are four people who live in Lawrence and I see the KUMC parking strickers on cars here in Lawrence all the time. They had a trial bus run last fall for only a week(gas 2.75ish) but few people rode it. It made two round trips in the morning and two in the evening with nothing in between, a couple of run around lunch time would be great (if you had a class from 9am to 11am on Fridays you wouldn't want to wait until 5:30 to go home)

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