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Taking a look at restaurant violations

Awesome comment, I think you win the thread.

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Police respond to shots fired in west Lawrence early Sunday

I live near this area and I was woken up about this time, thinking I was hearing gunshots too. Not at this apartment complex but near it saw five shot aerial fireworks going off.

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Lawrence man, 18, given probation term for sexual encounter with 14-year-old girl

He wont have to registered as a sex offender but will forever have his name in this article which anyone in the future can Google,

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Missouri’s exit would be no great loss for the Big 12

I think the name Big 12 should be dropped, how does Big West sound?

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Infrared photo shoot postponed again


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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

If you look at the table you cite closely you will see that it is for 'firearm death rate" not "firearm murder rate" so that includes homocides, suicides by firearms and accidental shootings

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Federal officials again raid Lawrence store at center of K2 controversy

"Shontz said she believed the officers where agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department."

D minus for the proofreader of this article. ("where" for "were")

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Self reacts to news of Colorado's departure from Big 12

"KU’s future, of course, remains in doubt. Self said the conference KU is in impacts the way he’d in the future sell the school to recruits"

In other words big time players are not going to want to be at a school in a second tier conference even if that school is Kansas so if Kansas can't maintain in a BCS level conference then I doubt Self will stick around very long.

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Wrongfully Convicted: He spent 10 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit; now he’s getting $7.5M

works out to about 62 bucks an hour ( I am counting 40 regular hours a week and 128 hours of overtime a week)
[(40 x 62) + (62 x 128 x 1,5)] x 52.17 x 10 = ~7.5 mil

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KU moves up to No. 2 in both polls

wh..wh..where did UNC go...?

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