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Behind the Lens: Vertical photos endangered, but still ideal for certain shots

Verticals are great for creating panoramas. I have a great program, ICE, that does everything to create it, just insert the pictures.

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Lawrence resident Tom Soetaert took this photograph looking west over Clinton Lake, catching a drama

Thanks everyone! I can make prints available. I am getting ready to order some, probably sometime at the beginning of next week. My email is thom123@ku.edu. Let me know.

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Rotation in storm clouds near Perry Lake.

Thanks! It was very cool to watch!

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Lawrence resident Tom Soetaert took this photograph looking west over Clinton Lake, catching a drama

Thanks! It was very exciting to see how the clouds were going to add to the eclipse. I had manual settings on aperture and shutter. Aperture was set anywhere from F22-29 and shutter was up around 2500-4000. White balance was set for sunny. No filters were used although a UV or polarizing filter would have been nice.

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Firefighters investigate cause of blaze at unoccupied mobile home on West 31st Street

Hard to breath on campus. Real strong chemical smell.

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Snowy owls head south in search of food

I've been going up to Smithville Lake for the last few weeks to to see the snowy owls. Very cool!

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Sprint gets iPhone, evens odds vs. AT&T, Verizon

Just talked to a sprint store rep and they have no clue when or how current customers can get an iphone. They said "the company has told them nothing more than what you have read online." What a joke. They should have a plan in place before they make such announcements. Glad my contract is just about up.

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Foxes on KU campus

I saw them this past fall and got pictures of the mom and one of the kits. They were all playing on the lawn of Watkins.

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Attorney: Fraternity has not changed in wake of Jason Wren's death

“Indeed, there were no prior occasions regarding alcohol consumption by minors at the house and there were no prior occasions where house members or guests necessitated medical care as a result of alcohol.” That's because they didn't get caught not because they didn't do it. I've known members of SAE and it's a party house, always has been.

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Kansas storm chaser’s adventurous life ruled by the wind

Pretty awesome. I just started getting into chasing and it's definitely a rush. Cool that a Lawrence guy is in the spotlight. Hope we see more storms on Storm Chasers and a little less drama though.

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