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Kansas has been a stronghold of faith since its early days

Faith is not a virtue

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Words can hurt

You are a good Grandfather

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U.S. not immune

Ug - what a vile editorial

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Suppressing truth

Empty assertion - how do you know that?

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Suppressing truth

"Apart from the truth of God, you cannot know that you know anything"

In this sentence written by Richard S - note how he allows one exception to the rule (that one cannot know that they know anything), the exception that accomodates his own delusion. This kind of thinking is the trademark of the brainwashed religious mind. Peace

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Suppressing truth

uh..and how is it that you know this?

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Suppressing truth

And you know this how?

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Suppressing truth

Thank you for making my point

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Suppressing truth

'Springsteen wants others to deny the truth to make him happy in his suppression of the truth of God"

God bless you, but it appears that you want others to believe your quaint little brand of truth without a drop of evidence for it. If you want to believe the Gospels that fine and dandy, but don't come on here and refer to the Gospels as fact and insinuate that people will go to hell for the trivial crime of not sharing your particular view of world. I'm sorry, but you can't possibly know that.

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