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Swim meet marks end for sisters

Aquahawks did great at the Central States Senior Championships. Thank you Coach Justin. You are the best!!!

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Years in the pool paying off for Aquahawks' Ben Sloan

You could not find a nicer kid. Ben is a wonderful young man and a great mentor to the younger swimmers on the team. I wish him great success in life. I'm sure he will succeed at whatever he chooses to do.

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Claudine taught my daughter to swim at 3 months old. She now swims with the Lawrence Aquahawks. We recently went back to Claudine for some technique work before her Championship meet. Piper came home with 3 Gold Medals! Thanks Claudine

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Halt to standards-based grades sought for Lawrence middle schools

What the article does not tell you is that the teachers are not given any direction on grading. The A, B, C, D does not have any quantative measure associated with it, for example a 90 or better is an A. If we truely were using the system that was in place previously K-6 it would at very LEAST be better than where we are now. There is NO communication about grades or learnign behaviors. How are we to evaluate how our child is doing in school. This is true of both a letter grade or the Standards Based Reporting. Right now we are getting the NO INFORMATION based lack of reporting. This is because Mrs Kobler and USD497 did not tell the parents anything about this till mid September.

Mrs Kobler herself said that Skyward was an important tool that she uses with her sons in keeping track of their grades and progress. Wouldn't it be nice if she afforded us the same courtesy that she herself stated was am important tool.

I wonder how she would feel if she had NO INFORMATION about her childrens progress for the first quarter!

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Halt to standards-based grades sought for Lawrence middle schools

I was at the meeting and the article was not able to cover ALL the topics. One important reason parents and teachers are opposed is that there has been inadequate training for teachers, 1 hour only had been mandated. Parents were not even told about the system until the second week in September. The issue is not that we are against reporting on learning behaviors. I have a sixth grader. Neither she nor I have any idea how she is doing right now in school because there is NO system in place to evaluate that. I NEVER receive any papers home and the first time I will find out is at parent teacher meeting on October 18th.

This is NOT the system that was in place k-6. The teachers have 120-150 students NOT 25-20. Papers don't come home on a weekly basis. Teachers in k-6 had systems in place to record and average grade to be able to put a letter grade on the report card. Our middle school teachers no longer have this tool.

One BRAVE teach stood up and talked. She said in the training teachers were encouraged to used mass grading as a time management tool. For example, selecting a learning behavior and giving everyone a "s", there is even a box to check to do mass grading.

If you really want to understand what is going on ask a parent of a 6th grader or better yet ask the teachers and principals at the middle schools.

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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

Please do run for the school board. By reading the posts you are not alone in how you feel. You may also want to contact Ms Kobler and the current school board. Unless we all do this may not get changed and may very well continue through high school.

I have to agree that it is of best an brightest students that are being hurt by this program. We are striving for a society of "standards" rather than reaching for excellence. It poses a scary future.

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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

That is the clencher, you CAN'T check skyward. For these unfortunate sixth graders they don't have access and the teachers CAN'T enter grades on skyward for them.

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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

What is not said is that Parents will not have access to view their child's grades/progress on skyward. We will have no way of knowing if our children are struggling until the quarter grades come out.

This is a grading system that is used for k-6 and they plan on transitioning it throug 8th grade! Why are we using a system that is designed for primary students in a secondary student system?

Teachers are not happy with this and neither are parents. If you are not PLEASE write to the Ms. Kobler, the school board the superintendant who every we need to to make a change.

Instead of no child left behind we are getting no child gets ahead. Please don't settle for an "S" meeting the standard of mediocraty.

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Steve Six's bid for appeals court remains in limbo

Steve Six is an exceptional individual we would be luck to have him as a Judge.

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Lawrence Aquahawks swimmer Atticus VonHolten hits the sunlight peeking through the windows as he com

Great photo! The Aquahawks have a long tradition in Lawrence as being the premire swim team. We are so luck to have them in Lawrence.

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