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What do I do with ... edamame

Boil or steam it in the pod. Then toss it with sesame oil, fresh minced garlic, anise stars, hot peppers, and some salt to liking. This is how we eat it in Taipei, Taiwan. Goes great with a Lager beer too.

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Collage spirit: Artist Hangauer rips into pop culture iconography

Way to go Zach! This guy is one of the most dedicated people in the local music industry. One of these days he will make the big time and we will all have been glad to have known him.

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Woman testifies she had illicit sex with church youth director

A church is a business just like any other. It happens everywhere sooner or later. There is always bad apples in a bunch, but he was the adult and she was the kid. Is he really a criminal, or does he have some serious issues that need to be resolved? Why is it all coming to a head now?

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Over $2,000 in golf equipment reported stolen from vehicle

I saw a kid waiting for the bus on 9th St. with some golf clubs this weekend.

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Coffee retailer realizes American dream

Actually, tea roasting is done right after picking the leaves in the country where it is grown. Blends of tea need to be blended because they can't stand alone and taste good by themselves. I prefer just pure tea! I would be very concerned about tea from China. Who knows what the farmers are using to spray the tea with ?...Do some research online about DDT.

Her coffee's are very good and she has seemed to corner that market in Lawrence. Why did her shop never make it when it was at 6th and Kasold? Bad location? I wish her the best of luck!

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