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Managed-care organizations staff up in preparation for KanCare

"The hiring of several hundred employees — and more likely in the coming years — is an unexpected bonus for Gov. Sam Brownback. New hires mean more revenue and economic activity in Kansas as the state aims to save nearly $1 billion over five years by curbing the growth in its share of health care costs."

This is not true. The fact is that many people, and companies, lost their jobs because of the MCOs and the MCOs just hired most of the people that lost their original job. They didn't hire all of the old case managers, so a lot of them will be filing for unemployment starting tomorrow. How is that an unexpected bonus? And even if Mediciad expands, that doesn't mean that the MCOs will hire more workers as they only help people with HCBS services, which does not include everyone on Medicaid.

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Colyer: Medicaid changes won't narrow eligibility

The physicians are not involved in the telehealth health. The company providing the services employ RNs that do the daily monitoring. The physicians actually encourage their patients to use telehealth as it gives them more accurate information to help their patients. Telehealth is a service that is provided in addition to doctor's visit, not in replacement of.
If you are going to comment, then get all of your facts so that you don't mislead other people who may not have any background on the subject. Ignorance is not always bliss.

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Colyer: Medicaid changes won't narrow eligibility

Reimbursment goes to the company providing the telehealth services. Let me re-iterate that telehealth IS different from telemedicine. Telemedicine can be all encompassing and can include almost any service that can be provided via videoconferencing. Telehealth is a self directed daily assessment and measurement of certain vital signs pertinent to your diagnoses or health needs. The monitoring is done by the company providing the service. The physicans do not do the monitoring. This increases the level of care, as well as the overall satisfaction of the patient.

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Colyer: Medicaid changes won't narrow eligibility

Telehealth is different from telemedicine. Telemedicine is generally done via videoconferencing. Telehealth is a daily monitoring system that involves a remote monitor, generally referred to as a telestation and periphial equipement, such as a blood pressure machine, pulse oximeter or scale. These devices wirelessly transmit the readings to the telestation, which then transmits the data either via phone line or an e-cellular device to a nurse who checks the vitals every day to see if they are within the parameters set by the doctor. They also get life counseling about their diagnoses, which can help them understand how to control their condition.

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Colyer: Medicaid changes won't narrow eligibility

One of they ways they intend to do this is through the use of telehealth, which is a daily monitoring program that helps make people more aware of their condition(s) and also gives their doctors' an accurate look at how they are actually doing, for example in regards to blood pressure. Telehealth can help keep people out of nursing homes and out of the emergency room, which will reduce the amount of money needed for the care of each person, by actually increasing their care.

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An old-fashioned grape stomp at the Blue Jacket Crossing Winery.

The stomped grapes aren't used for wine making.

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An old-fashioned grape stomp at the Blue Jacket Crossing Winery.

Any photos of the girl's dressed in I Love Lucy outfits?

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Which is your favorite of these two downtown events, Lawrence Busker Fest or Lawrence Zombie Walk?

Does anyone know if the Busker Fest is dog friendly?

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Kansas House gives first-round approval to plan to extend smoking ban to state-owned casinos

They aren't saying that you do not have the right to smoke. They are saying that you do not have to right to endanger someone else's health. To those of you that point out alcohol has increased health risk factors - I agree. However, someone ingesting alcohol does not have a direct impact on the person standing next to them. To a pregnant women, being a smoker is worse than being on crack. It has more health related problems associated with numerous scenarios. Smoke puts everyone at risk for health problems - this in turn raises health care costs for all. To those who state "just don't visit those places," being smoke free was a right before smoking was even invented. Workers at those places may not have another job opportunity in this economy. It's not just about smoker's rights - it's about non-smoker's as well. One right has to be greater than the other, does it not? There is nothing about a smoker's right that outweighs any of a non-smoker's rights and are pale in comparison.
This is the first bill proposed by the new state government that does not make me cringe to live in Kansas.

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Town Talk: Lawrence BMX track proposed; Berry warehouse site approved; Ben & Jerry's closes Mass store

A BMX track would be a great addition to Lawrence! It's another way to get the kids off the couch and out doing something. Not only would it be good for the economy, but would help out the overall health of the community, which we desperately need!

VOTE BMX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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