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Kansas Democratic leaders propose 'Buy American' law

This proposal sound good, but it's missing some very important points. 1. Products with too minimal failure-rate built in that's forced you to repetitive buying of the same product.. 2. American products manufactured with longivity encourages repeat purchases. We seem to be in a "throw-away" system. Use it for a short while and throw it away. 3. The quality of manufactured products are extremely important to establish a purchase rate in this economy. When we are faced with "extended warranties", "good, better, best". The manufacturer is silently telling you, you will have to replace it (probably in a short period of time) and that the product has a substantial window of failure. In other words, they're selling products with a short life. Is this what we truly want in American Products? To compete with the foreighn market, we need to produce a superior product than the competition, built in and by Americans and reasonably priced, but competitively priced. We need to create a demand for our quality built products and build them here.

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