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Heard on the Hill: Tipsters name names of faculty who have left KU; Wade Garrison tells me something I didn't already know (and it's all about bird art)

"In fact, there is an open hostility to success in the sciences at KU. "

Interesting statement. My perception is that KU focuses almost entirely on the successes of scientists (bringing in grant money) and those non-scientists who latch onto them, but ignores the successes of humanities professors who research and write (book awards, for ex) The latter don't have the same access to big monies so their "successes" don't mean a whole lot to the administration. If you think scientists are the only ones wanting to bolt, you're wrong.

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Keith Moore Expected To Be Named New Bureau of Indian Education Director.

There are others in the pool who are more qualified. A degree in education doesnt exactly inspire confidence unless the person has experience and it doesnt look like he has much.

"This staggers the mind." yes and no. The BIA/BIE does this so much you get used to it and expect it.

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Stephanie Birdwell's Haskell Indian Nations University's Initiative.

ivalueamerica, you prove my point

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Stephanie Birdwell's Haskell Indian Nations University's Initiative.

There is nothing wrong with publicizing success stories. But this strategy of trying to divert our attention away from the crisis becomes an issue when the serious problems are swept under the rug. That appears to be exactly what is happening here.

"Why continue to be a negative prickly thorn that tears away at our people."

This is the rationalization used by those who cause the problems, who are the ones doing the actual tearing, and is also the kind of statement used by wannabes after they've been outed. I'm not saying 'enoughalready' is a wannabe, but the excuse is familiar. It's so very dramatic and is an attempt to make the opposition feel guilty.

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Mission Impossible at BIE's Haskell Indian Nations University?

Can you clarify? Chenault is going to Washington for a week? Who is paying for this trip? Birdwell-Bighorn asked to her to come to DC, or Chenault asked to come? What is the agenda and for what purpose? Who will be the stand in for the interim?

Haskell is in turmoil and the interim should be there to deal with all the things you have written about (dorms, alcohol, food, etc) , right?

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Kansas Senator Pat Roberts arranges for visit to Haskell Indian Nations University by Mr. Larry Echohawk.

Also add: How is course content evaluated?

"We would also encourage you NOT to let the current actings take control of this visit, nor to depend on them for the exact dates and times that Mr. Echohawk will be on the Haskell campus."

How do you think this will NOT happen?

Blackbird, student body president, Warner's secretary/assistant, at least, all need to get on the agenda.

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Haskell Indian Nations University

Haskellnews now that you're on the topic of Goodfox (actually she's always been right in the mix) whatever happened to the Indigenous Nations Studies Journal that she was in charge of? And what happened to the American Indian and Alaskan Native Professors Association conference that her KU buddy YellowBird put her in charge of when she was his student? And did she ever get the PhD that Warner allowed her to work on with full pay?
***Is it true the Union is comprised of members from AIS faculty (the same ones who have not provided actual facts to students about issues on campus)***
Its obvious they don't provide facts about issues on campus, but the content of her AIS class is lacking more than a few facts too. Can you post the outline of the course?

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New top KU administrators could have dynamic impact

Not very funny Caesarea, although that would solve some problems for Haskell

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