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Kobach debates voter ID laws with KU law professor

When I investigated how much it could cost to obtain an ID which would qualify to register to vote under Kansas requirements, I found it could cost from $45 to $225. From a state ID card to a US passport, including acquiring a birth certificate from a state charging the lowest amount for a copy, or a copy of naturalization papers. The wait to get the required documents in-hand could be as long as 12 weeks. I believe, our Secretary of State's actions qualify as a poll tax, and as voter obstruction, which are Federal crimes.

All you already registered voters, vote regularly and don't move.

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ACLU asks Lawrence schools to suspend mentoring program

Clara, The number of women and men scholarship athletes is the same. It just looks skewed because in place of football, women have so many other sports teams.

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If President Obama has a chance to dine out while he’s in Lawrence, where should he eat?

Breakfast at Wheatfield's, and, take a bunch of loaves back for family and friends.

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City struggles to interpret Wicked Broadband's finances as it considers $300k loan guarantee

The loan guarantee from the city will convince loan sources of the city's commitment to getting the job done. It will also assure the availability of lower interest loans for WIcked's project. Wicked also wants to use the city conduits to lay their fiber, thereby reducing the costs.

I think the independent (professional) auditor was convinced Wicked was in good enough shape to allow the consideration process to go on for at least another year, so maybe that's not the problem.

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One year in, Lawrence foundation helping people who have had medical catastrophes regain their abilities

As a volunteer in the 'gym' at LMH, these Heros have given me new definition and appreciation for courage, discipline, and devotion to undaunted efforts - and, for the rewards dedication can bring. Thanks be to Sam. He is one of the Heros; and, using his understanding, he is working to make it possible for other people to achieve better recoveries.

(P.S. LMH Therapy Services is staffed by some of the very best people in their fields, who are darn nice about helping people get where they need to be.)

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900-unit apartment complex wins key vote; the path forward for SLT shopping center; Hurst Fine Diamonds to close, move

Isn't there a flood plain in the area where the retail wants to happen? What is the responsibility of government to avert catastrophe?

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Editorial: Retail realities

Please, don't let development happen in Flood Zones. It ends up costing all of us.

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

What - no old fashioned soda fountain with a classic soda pump and classic syrups?

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Poster that incited Kansas sex-ed debate lists 'grinding,' 'oral sex'

Time for sex ed classes for parents. Then they can teach their kids what they need to know. - Or let them go to classes together.

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Editorial: Legislative focus

Apparently, the current legislature has a problem understanding how to wisely legislate as a body. The system and the structure of the legislature is designed to: think, research, question, ponder, discuss, craft, read, refine, reread, debate, re-craft, restudy, redefine, refine, read again, debate again, and, maybe - vote, to create laws. The current legislature seems to adopt bills proposed by half-wits who have no standing in Kansas, and, willy-nilly go off half-cocked to vote them through. Time to elect people who are able and who want to do the real work to evolve an essential, effective, modern system of statutes necessary for a successful future in Kansas. (If only we could impeach legislators for their failure to even read.)

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