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One year in, Lawrence foundation helping people who have had medical catastrophes regain their abilities

As a volunteer in the 'gym' at LMH, these Heros have given me new definition and appreciation for courage, discipline, and devotion to undaunted efforts - and, for the rewards dedication can bring. Thanks be to Sam. He is one of the Heros; and, using his understanding, he is working to make it possible for other people to achieve better recoveries.

(P.S. LMH Therapy Services is staffed by some of the very best people in their fields, who are darn nice about helping people get where they need to be.)

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900-unit apartment complex wins key vote; the path forward for SLT shopping center; Hurst Fine Diamonds to close, move

Isn't there a flood plain in the area where the retail wants to happen? What is the responsibility of government to avert catastrophe?

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Editorial: Retail realities

Please, don't let development happen in Flood Zones. It ends up costing all of us.

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

What - no old fashioned soda fountain with a classic soda pump and classic syrups?

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Poster that incited Kansas sex-ed debate lists 'grinding,' 'oral sex'

Time for sex ed classes for parents. Then they can teach their kids what they need to know. - Or let them go to classes together.

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Editorial: Legislative focus

Apparently, the current legislature has a problem understanding how to wisely legislate as a body. The system and the structure of the legislature is designed to: think, research, question, ponder, discuss, craft, read, refine, reread, debate, re-craft, restudy, redefine, refine, read again, debate again, and, maybe - vote, to create laws. The current legislature seems to adopt bills proposed by half-wits who have no standing in Kansas, and, willy-nilly go off half-cocked to vote them through. Time to elect people who are able and who want to do the real work to evolve an essential, effective, modern system of statutes necessary for a successful future in Kansas. (If only we could impeach legislators for their failure to even read.)

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Development group seeking to create major retail area south of South Lawrence Trafficway

Would this development area be in the flood plain, too?

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

The next thing we know, the powers driving Kansas will have the state seceding from the rest of the country, which will make an odd map. We can call it Kokobrobackistan, build a fence around it, and sell it to the highest bidder.

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Baker Wetlands manager dismantles boardwalk he built as a boy scout

How sad! The building of the boardwalk was such a great thing to tie the interests of the city to the legacy of the Haskell Wetlands. So many people enjoyed being able to experience the culture of the Wetlands without getting their feet wet. I can't imagine why any reputable engineering firm would support the current plan to build a road there, much less without the support of Haskell Indian Nations University. To continue with this project as it is currently planned is unconscionable.

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City agrees to create resident-only parking zone on street near KU campus

In the future, it might be a good idea to make sure the number of off-street parking spaces matches the sleeping capacity/number of bedrooms of any structure, in single family and, especially, in multiple occupancy/multi-family dwellings. Streets are for driving and temporary parking. It should be in the building codes - with no exceptions.

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