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Suspect in reportedly stolen car arrested after high-speed chase through Lawrence

Maybe Blue Springs MO will take him off our hands...

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2 men from Oregon say they plan to run for Kansas governor, lieutenant governor

Would they be willing to serve? What ticket are they running on?

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

There is no mention of "God" or "god" in the Constitution of the United States. The Declaration of Independence mentions God once, in "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." Purposefully, neither of these founding documents refer to any set of religious beliefs or sects.

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Plan for large shopping center at SLT and Iowa Street interchange still alive, but delayed again

Last time I heard, that land is in the floodplain; and, in the long range plan it was designated for auto dealerships. Presumably so if there was a flood, it would be relatively easy to move the inventory. Also, traffic wouldn't be so heavy. I think there was plenty of thought put into the long range plan.

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Deputy Title IX coordinator at KU files for City Commission election

I've known Jennifer since her undergraduate days at KU. She is dedicated to making her part of the world a better place. Be it her neighborhood, her co-op, her town, county or state, she has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for others. In a signature effort, Jennifer achieved her law degree and Masters in social work while pregnant and taking care of two small children. Credit for her success goes as well to her husband, Chris, who is exceptional in his own right. Jennifer is smart, hard working, compassionate, and, yes, pragmatic. She is organized and capable of facilitating conversations to create a visionary plan for Lawrence's future. I am pleased she wants the job of Lawrence City Commissioner - and she would make an outstanding Mayor.

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Rep. Jenkins exits U.S. House leadership, may mull Kansas governor's race

I would like to see enough privacy in bathrooms and showers that we don't have to worry about who is in the next one. Particularly in junior high, I remember enough body shaming in women's common showers to make most young women self hate for most of their teens - if not longer.

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See the latest downtown multistory building likely to request financial incentives from the city

No matter where a residential building is being built in town, there should be one off-street parking place for each bedroom. Keep it simple. On-street and public parking should be for patrons, visitors and guests, and would be covered by the 48-hour parking limitation.
And, no, there should be no subsidy for tenant parking, or I would have the city pay for my garage at my house, too.

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Kansas lawmaker compares birth control proposal to eugenics

I wish Ms. Pilcher-Cook would concentrate on reducing the incident of poverty in Kansas, rather than inserting herself into the medical decisions of women without money. Her position in forcing women to bear children they cannot afford to raise on their own is very close to enslaving women to make them baby factories for the well-to-do. Handmaiden's Tale here we come.

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Incentives to attract retailers and other matters up for debate in Horizon 2020; Lawrence job growth outpaces state's; update on south Iowa development

At one point, I thought the area of the Southeast corner of Iowa & the SLT was determined to be in the flood plain. Does anyone care about those kinds of things anymore? It seems as if development in flood plain is asking for trouble. It hasn't worked out too well for the western part of the SLT that goes through flood plain.

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New study suggests women getting raw deal on pay issues in Kansas

Sometimes, when women are paid so poorly, it's just more cost effective to just stay out of the conventional workforce. Women who 'stay at home' provide what would otherwise be costly services for their families and the community. When women are as a group, paid at a discount rate, it is women rather than men who are providing those services at zero compensation. If we were to figure in the rich contributions to the Lawrence community volunteer work makes, and, looked at the numbers by gender, I believe the remunerations for women's work would be closer to 50% less than what men get. Also, I think if one checks the figures, the figures reported as 'average' are too often the median. a calculation of what full-time working men and women were paid using the 2000 census information showed women receiving just 58% of what men were receiving. (In figuring pay, I threw out those earning more than $120k per year, as there were no actual figures or range - only one in five of whom were women.)

Interestingly, the US does not figure unpaid work disproportionally that done by women) in the GDP, unlike other countries. And, yes, from my experience, women's expertise and educations are under-valued and under-utilized in Kansas - which figures significantly in our economic position overall among the states.

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