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Lawrence debaters headed for state tournament

Thanks for the State Debate story.

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KU's tougher admission standards inching towards approval

Agree bankboy119! Good info...and yes people love to whine about KU.

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KU athletic director interested to see what new Big 12 university is doing

Attended an SEC game earlier this season. I was surprised that no beer was sold at the stadium. I asked several fans (in this instance from South Carolina) and nobody seemed to care about the beer sales but almost everyone around us had a flask of something they were enjoying and it wasn't sweet tea. Does Memorial Stadium really need the beer? No

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Moran: GOP needs to assess election's meaning

Very accurate Truman. Moran is a nice guy but is a fence sitter. He stands for nothing and never wants to offend anyone...thus he accomplishes NOTHING. It's time Kansas found someone, anyone to replace him.

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KU enrollment falls, but freshman class grows for first time since 2008

Agreed. One of our kids just graduated from KU in a research science and was selected by a top Eastern university for graduate study. KU was the best decision the students at our house have ever made. Our youngest will be enrolling next summer. My wife and I are not originally from Kansas and did not attend KU.

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KU enrollment falls, but freshman class grows for first time since 2008

Not true. We've had a student recruited in 2008 and one this year. KU's recruitment has changed dramatically from 4 years ago. Rock Chalk. Good things are happening.

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KU professor James Carothers teaches students how to read baseball

Love this story. Great idea. Nothing like listening to baseball on the radio or reading a good baseball story.

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John Hadl: Denver, Peyton Manning good fit

John Hadl is first class and KU is fortunate to have him.

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