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Farmers Market hopes move helps feed growing demand

I grew up in Lawrence and visit relatives there a lot, and we always walk downtown to the Farmer's Market. I've also gone to the movies, bought stuff at the office-supply store, had lunch at half a dozen places, bought bread, and picked up a lot of home-improvement things at the hardware store. (Not all on the same day!) And oh yes, the bookstores. And the ice-cream place down near 9th. I could go on...

I've been reading the posts here for a few months, as I plan to move back this year, and it amazes me how a lot of people there don't realize how lucky they are to have something like the Lawrence downtown. Now, if a grocery store would open up in North Lawrence, things would be even better.

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Is downtown's nightlife a boon or headache?

I was back in Lawrence in December/January, and I was a) never hassled by panhandlers (and it was warm, too); b) impressed with the free parking; c) amazed at the variety of businesses thriving on Mass. when so many places have succumbed to the dead downtown/ big suburban supermall disease.

I'm planning on moving back, having seen a LOT of other places. Example: Pittsburgh, "America's Most Livable City" of a few years back, with a population half of what it used to be and a downtown that is scarily empty at night, despite an expensive "cultural district". Yeah, you have problems, but in the overall scheme of things, they're negligible. From what I can see, the city government has some intelligent people, and is responsive to the citizens' concerns. That in itself is a big positive.

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Peace Corps celebrates 45 years of helping others

I graduated from KU in 1964 and joined the Peace Corps in 1990. My group of volunteers, with an average age of 42, was the first business group to go into Eastern Europe. None of us were "special people padding a resume", and our politics were pretty much our own business, as we were more interested in what was happening where we were than in where we had come from. The Peace Corps was a great experience. But it's not for sissies.

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