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Leeway Franks to debut new breakfast menu Saturday

These look as awesome as Lee's lunch options... I will stop for b'fast the next time I'm in town!

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Source: David Beaty expected to be named KU's head coach, perhaps as soon as today

I'm behind Zenger on this one. Former Lawrencian / LHS grad / Bowen supporter who would've loved to see Clint get the job, but he just hadn't had the time to show it - a 2/3 season also isn't fair to him. If Clint doesn't stay on the staff (can't imagine the decision that is if it is even one offered to him), he can always lead somewhere else for a while / prove himself, and come back home should that be warranted in the future. But to dismiss this hire as one Zenger is doing "wildly" without looking at Beaty's recruiting record & productivity under Mangino is in error. We can't do any worse - so get out & support the team this year - things are going to get better - but for an extended period of time!

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Lawrence man climbs steps at LMH to recover from stroke, give back to others

Rick has been a family friend for years, and all of us are better people for knowing him and living vicariously through his worldly experience. I'm excited to come back to Lawrence next summer and know I can share a meal with Rick in between basketball camp activities - what a great person!

Go Rick - keep on climbin' every day! You've come a long way and can do anything you set your mind to doing!

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Keegan honored as Kansas sportswriter of the year

Agree - and that's what makes journalism great (or not pending your views on things). These awards don't just happen - especially multiple times - without merit. Congrats to you Tom!

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Daylight Donuts shop opens near Ninth and Iowa streets

I no longer live in L-town, but fully agree w/ Barbara... Mike must've been smiling ear to ear when he said that... location location location, and what criteria? A loyalist to a fault sometimes, but when I come back to Lawrence - it's Munchers all the way.

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KU proposing apartments near Allen Fieldhouse

That would seem to be the logical place. I don't think putting them in front of the Fieldhouse / Booth building would be well-received ;). Rock Chalk!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Artist Louis Copt says everyone should pick up a paintbrush

My parents are Copt fans, having known him 30+ years, and he does indeed do excellent word as ladyoneill notes. Don't worry Liberty - the point is that painting (at least in this case) can emote new ways of looking at the work... per the quote "a little art can help a good mind become great". It doesn't mean we'll all be world leaders if we try to paint, or perform another profession/hobby that stimulates the mind, but it can inspire new ways indeed. Nice article - I appreciate his great talent.

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

Outstanding point. Where will the chancellor be on Monday? Unless she's working until 3pm & taking Jayhawk1 down to the game, I call BS on this statement. The students pay for the classes, they're adults, let it go.... and let's also take ONE GAME AT A TIME PLEASE!!!!

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Charlie Weis to be announced as next KU football coach

What's awesome about all the haters above is "their" choices will never have a chance to be proven more successful since they weren't chosen. Give this guy a chance - it can't get any WORSE than it is right now. I'm not drinking from the BCS juice just yet, but in THREE years, when he gets his players, I like our chances. The commenter about no coach winning at ND since Holtz is spot on, & even before Holtz ND wasn't relevant either... it's an NBC created myth of success - please. I'm behind you coach... RCJH!

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City adds 3 hybrid diesel-electric buses to public transit fleet

Is there not a part of tuition that contributes a small percentage to the T? So while incredibly affordable, all students pay a little bit for it whether they use it or not... or am I wrong - seems like I paid $ here & there for such things even 20 years ago. What a bunch of whiners & complainers- everyone must have their own car to get around Larryville in that's complaining.

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