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US Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' ringtone creates hearing hysterics

"Rex" did not write anything on this subject until now-it was somebody using my phone. The only thing I have to say is that Roberts can have any ringtone he wants-i have nothing to say about that. I do wonder about the level of politeness involved in not putting your phone on silent when in a meeting, but find that my ideas of politeness are considered to be somewhat "quaint" and outdated, so I try to keep my mouth shut on the subject.

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US Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' ringtone creates hearing hysterics

Hey Groenhagen, did you know there are Democrats, aka ""the left" who proudly serve their country? And lay off the Reeds, dirtbag.

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New Kansas rules would limit spending of welfare benefits

Leslie, if you want to save money, shop at Aldi's or Walmart. They are cheaper than Target.

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Washburn University fraternity suspended over text messages

The more I think about this, the more upsetting it gets. Because two people engaged in PRIVATE text conversation, a whole group of people gets punished. This scares me because it sets a couple of precedents. One has to do with the invasion of privacy, and one has to do with being punished for someone else's actions. Does this mean that if two of my co-workers conduct a private text conversation, I could be held responsible?

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Washburn University fraternity suspended over text messages

I wonder if we should be punished for inappropriate thoughts? As Jake said, this is a fraternity, a popular media target.

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Washburn University fraternity suspended over text messages

How were the texts obtained? A text from one person to another should have the same privacy expectations that a phone call does.

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Martin Miller retrial: Pathologist said there is 'no way' Miller's wife died by homicide

Leslie, believe me, he did it. I am absolutely certain.

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Kansas set to prevent poor from using aid for swimming pools, psychics

My blood is boiling. I receive food stamps and medical, but not cash. Still, I am incensed. Swimming is a form of exercise. Would it not make sense to want people to be healthier? Guess that deep of thinking is foreign to the Kansas Gop. As for banning the use of cash assistance to buy cigarettes and alcohol, fine.
Damn second-hand smoke gave me a very rare form of lung cancer, cost me a lung and my singing voice. So no tears lost on that.
Regarding the ATM withdrawal limit, that is insane!!! It will impede card holders' attempts to pay rent, utilities, buy baby care items, and either buy a bus pass or put gas in a car in order to get to one of those oh so decent jobs! Honored to now be a Democrat.

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Martin Miller retrial: Former mistress testifies about four-year affair

Why report that? It has nothing to do with the trial and is just sensationalism.

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Editorial: Road woes

Too bad we didn't get the SLT started back when we voted for it. We wouldn't be in this mess now.

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