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Transit system reaches 1 million users

The KU students pay for riding the bus as part of their fees when they pay their tuition. Thus, they pay to ride the bus even though they might not ever use it. As a non-student bus rider, I say "thank you" to the KU students for this support.

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Editorial: Twitter city

Here's an idea--if people want to have input into the meeting, they can go to the meeting.

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

I find it difficult to believe that children attending middle school would be confused by the sign posted on Sundays. If they are, a simple question to their parents should be enough to clear up the confusion.

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Opinion: U.S. is low on leverage in Arab world

This country is not now and has never been a democracy. It was set up as a democratic republic, and thus it is today.

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Lawrence man found guilty of burglary after struggling with resident during break-in

Finally, somebody else that hears bugles when they walk by! And I thought I was the only one!

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Water service restored to parts of Lawrence affected by broken water main

The article said "northern Lawrence," NOT 'North Lawrence.'

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Man charged with aggravated assault in pistol-whipping at pool hall

Not too many people remember Shenanigans. Or the Yuk Down.

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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

5thgeneration--i also miss the old Drake's. Probably the last of the diners in Lawrence. Fried egg sandwich, anyone?

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'Swept under the rug:' How a Lawrence man - an educator and a Boy Scout volunteer - was able to sexually abuse boys for decades

Kansanbygrace -- correct. Maybe I wasn't as clear as I should/could have been. I was responding to a post by sierraclub (which I don't see now) to the effect that pedophilia was a recruitment process for homosexuality, a ridiculous and uninformed (uneducated?homophobic?) claim at best. The only thing pedophilia is a recruitment process for is pedophilia--children that are abused are more likely to abuse children as an adult. This goes for physical and mental, as well as sexual abuse. And I apologize if I'm "preaching to the choir" (or another one I like, "teaching my grandmother to suck eggs." Unfortunately, not too many people know that one and get offended.You gotta love the American english.) You seem to know what you're talking about, unlike sierraclub.

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'Swept under the rug:' How a Lawrence man - an educator and a Boy Scout volunteer - was able to sexually abuse boys for decades

Sierraclub -- homosexuality and pedophilism have NOTHING in common. A pedophile may be interested in either males or females, sometimes both. A pedophile is interested in CHILDREN. Homosexuals are interested in other ADULTS of the same sex, not children. Get it?

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