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City looking for feedback on 19th and Ousdahl intersection, a future entrance to KU's Central District

I believe I'll get into neighborhoods south of 19th the way I always have--take Louisiana or ousdahl or Naismith drive (or any other north south road) south, and then take 20th or 21st or 22nd (or any other east-west road) to where I wish to go.

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Would you ride the bus if it were free?

Sorry that's "nightline" not "nightlife". Darn spell check.

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Would you ride the bus if it were free?

The nightlife runs from 8pm to 6am. Call during business hours to make an arrangement for pickup up to 5 days in advance, and the nightlife will deliver you door-to-door for $2.

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Republicans block Kansas House debate on Medicaid expansion

Kansas did have the money. Our fearless leader spit 31 million back in the President's face!

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Donations to Just Food 'steady' in time since Jeremy Farmer's resignation

The fact that nothing has been done reflects NOTHING on the board members--it is not their job to investigate and prosecute alleged wrong-doing. It is their job to report it, which they have done. It is the job of law enforcement agencies to continue the process after that.

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The ins and outs of a proposed increase in parking fines for downtown Lawrence

If you park at a meter, put the money in, note the time, and come back and put more money in if necessary. If you don't put the money in, or don't come back to put more in, you will get a ticket. If you get a ticket, pay the fine. Why is this so hard to understand? If you don't want to pay, don't break the law. Park in the free parking areas and walk the rest of the way to your destination.
I agree that the parking fines should not be considered as a source of revenue--they're punishment for breaking the law. That being said, I think the fines should be raised considerably. I also think that the meters should be upgraded to accept plastic, as should the payment box. Just my opinions.

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Audit finds lack of controls by Just Food board played role in alleged fraud by Jeremy Farmer

Mr. Holroyd: It is not the newspaper's job to post minutes or articles of incorporation, it is their job to report news. I would suggest that if you wish to have those two items, you should look them up yourself.

Theodore: I hadn't heard that the board was suspected of anything nefarious. Do you know something we don't? At any rate, the ongoing criminal investigation, armed with the audit results, should be able to find that out. Until it does, I'll stick with incompetent, or duped.

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Audit finds lack of controls by Just Food board played role in alleged fraud by Jeremy Farmer

Ms. Johnson, as I said, maybe the board should be held responsible for their (non)actions, and dismissed. What they are guilty of is, at best, incompetence. If people were criminally liable for incompetence, our legal system would be overwhelmed, and quite a few members of the legal system would be overwhelmers, not overwhelmees. But incompetence is not a crime, so we replace people that are incompetent. To join Mr. Holroyd on the board, I nominate Ms. Johnson and Mr. Calvin.

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Audit finds lack of controls by Just Food board played role in alleged fraud by Jeremy Farmer

White collar crime happens all of the time. The board were as much the victims of it as anyone. Why blame the victims? Maybe they could have/should have been more cautious, vigilant, etc., but they were victims of a crime. If an embezzler steals from a major corporation, the boards are responsible for that, but it happens to these full-time, professional board members anyway, despite the checks and balances. Learn from this lesson, if necessary replace the board, and let the law punish the criminal. By the way, if the board is replaced, who is going to volunteer to take their place? I vote for David Holroyd, since he seems to know so much about how to run a volunteer organization.

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A Thousand Voices: Kansas' newest gun laws see opposition in latest survey

I agree that guns should not be allowed at sporting events and on university campuses. So how do you propose to keep them out? Making it against the law won't do it, because criminals, by the very definition, don't follow the law. Putting up those no guns signs won't do it, because the same people that break the law won't pay attention to the signs. How do you keep the guns out?

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