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Vandalism spree leaves costly mess

I agree that the one's responsible need to be put through a real community clean up or something. I do have a problem with people blaming the parents all the time. I was a single parent and when my son screwed up I was the one who called the cops and turned my son and the other kid he was with in. I am so tired of parents always being blamed for the things that their children do. I worked very hard to make sure he knew right from wrong and always made him pay the price of it. I didn't make excuses for him or try to get him a lighter sentence if he would have had to do some time in JDC. It worked because when a group of kids he was with got caught shoplifting he was the onlly one who didn't steal. Granted, the other kid that did the crime when he was involved his mother made every excuse in the book so that her sweet little boy didn't pay restitution. Not only did my son pay legally he also had severe actions taken that didn't allow him out of my sight. When I worked and he wasn't in school he had a babysitter. Yes, at 16 I had someone watch him.

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Wal-Mart reopens after small fire

You can hate corporate america monopoly all you want but that doesn't mean employees should have to suffer. I bet you are one of the first ones to complain when they get welfare aren't you?? But burn it down...stupid comments posted all over these boards today. Glad loving and caring went out the window in today's society views.

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Ambulance responds to Lecompton child's fall

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Police foil suicide attempt

How insensitive some of you are. I guess you would bit.. if they actually succeeded. Most people who attempt suicide need help and understanding not to be put down and made fun of. What a bunch of jerks you all are. I guess everything is just so bright and cheerful in your lives all the time that you can put others down. God must be so proud of he made you all so perfect and great.

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What is your reaction to receiving a parking ticket on campus?

My husband recieved a parking ticket on canpus when he went for a job interview. He parked where they told him too park and I got the ticket nbecaise it ewas my car. I paid the fine and chewed oujt the person that told him to park there. They should have gotten the ticket for lousy information. It made me md and he wasn't happy either. Dang people. Maybe that is how they pay for all the tuition that they miss out on everytime they raise the tuition for that school.

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What do you think the penalty for animal cruelty should be?

I honestly think it depends on the amount of abuse or suffering. I personally own seven birds, and I only purchased one of them. The others I took from homes that decided the fad of the moment was over so they got tired of them and just neglected them. These are animals that can live over fifty years if in good health. People need to think about what the price is as far as care, expense, needs, playtime, travel, (my case evacuations from hurricanes). This case seems to be silly in the statement he placed him in a plastic bag then tried to break his neck. The rabbit was the pet of BOTH roomates and the guy decided for whatever reason he was done with the pet and tried to get rid of it. Lovers spat with female roomate? The story doesn't get to the truth of why this really happened so maybe a psych eval might. For those of you wanting tougher laws for abuse of children and all that I agree 100%. They are going to run this story to the end but little Johnny who gets the crapped knockef out of him daily and gets fed once or twice at home a week we try and try to keep them with the abuser because we all know growing up with our biological parents is the best way. (sarcasm inflicted)

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Do you think the "Plan B" morning-after pill should be sold over the counter?

Just a quick question..if the Plan B pill isn't an abortion pill then why the rush to get to a doctor within a few days? I was taught that safe sex happened long before you engaged in any type of sex. Granted I have four lovely children that were all birth control babies of some form or another but the way I looked at it was if God wanted me to have that child then it was what I was going to do. There are situations where abortions or other options need be condsidered but to use this pill as a form of contraceptive just like abortiions were used is wrong. Teach safe and responsible sex ed before your child needs to be thinking about it and finding wys to get it (help) without parental consent. We all need to learn self control and learn responsibility for our actions.

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HIV-exposure cases dismissed

I know woman who Lied to my ex to get him to have sex with her..guess what? Next morning raging herpes outbreak. I laughed at him because she used to be a friend of mine snd when she started sniffing around him I told him she had herpes and not to go there but she said she was clean to him and that was all that matters. Of course, in this day and age practicing unsafe sex with anyone is nuts. To much out there you cant cure anymore.

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Dad accused of having sex with girls

How in the world coujld a child make that sort of decision. Aren'tt he adult supposed to be helping her self esteem not degrading er and treating her like a whore. Gros and both of them should be locked up for life. No contract is legally binding if the child is under age of consent which is 18.

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Do you prefer red and white or green fire engines?

If the ones fighting the fires want it red than it shujld be so. Molly remarks were just ignorant on so many levels that even responding is making my iq lower.

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