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Has Title IX been successful in leveling the playing field for men and women in college sports?

title IX is physically and mentally preparing our young women for roles in leadership and society. I don't really know what the guys are getting out of it. maybe some really fun years. ffs, it is just sports.

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East Lawrence homes spruced up with modern, unique appearances

NIce looking homes! Keep up the good work you fancy fellows.

February 27, 2012 at 8:05 a.m. ( | suggest removal )


Where do I get my two free cows?

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Brownback to discuss human trafficking Thursday at KU

Thank you Gov.!

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Statehouse bully

This is a letter to the editor, not an article produced by the LJW.

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Which three candidates will be elected to the Lawrence City Commission?

I don't know why I read this pap. I am banning myself from reading the comment section. While I am at it I will not be renewing my paper subscription based solely on D.S. Jr's ramblings. Should I put that in the form a of question?

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Closing plan raises busing issues

What a great letter! There are so many reasons to keep neighborhood schools open, and no good reasons, except for budgetary blinders, to close them. Thanks for giving the Board something to think about.

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