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ok..let me see ifI get this right? Unwanted children are all born with alcohol/drug syndrom..then the mothers will be living on welfare because they just won't have any skills to become employed, then the children will all end up in prison then put to death. Did I miss anything?
First, all of my children were born on birth control, my first I had as a teenager. Damn, I missed out on all the glory of being a welfare mom. I WORKED and supported my son. No father in the picture on that one. I didn't drink or do drugs so I guess my son lucked out there right? To this day none of my children have been to prison and thank God because it would seem that if they did they would end up being put to death. And how do you come up with uneducated? I think if you want to place an editorial really know what in the hell you are talking about. I have worked with the population you so flippantly condemn. They are not all like you would portray them to be. Get on your soapbox and do some good by demanding all the so called fathers to pay and play just like the woman has too. Oh..I forgot this is just about us unwed, women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and can't seem to be able to put one foot in front of the other who will make sure we raise unwanted, unloved, uneducated children who just by being born will end up poor and in prison. Thank you very much for being ignorant because you have made this teenager mother very happy to have proven you wrong on all counts.
As an aside the three strikes rule does not mean you will be put to death but will spend the rest of your life behind bars..did you research any of the article you wanted to write?

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Soldier support

If this is true then how in the world did the mother get custody? Has anyone taken any action to get the father home so that he can dispute this? I understand that this is war time but he needs to make sure his family is safe and intact so he can go back and do his job protecting our country.

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Do you think Lawrence needs another recreation center for indoor and outdoor sports?

Tom..I was part of West and I would have loved something free to do with the kids. My son decided what school he went to and that his friends were in. It had nothing to do with money or not. I lived in East Lawrence before my oldest moved back in with me. I agree with most of the posts for today and it seems there are a lot of good ideas to talk to children about.
blue73harley I haven't seen baristas in Key West but maybe it was just too crazy at Fantasy Fest to recognize anyone. LOL

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Do you think Lawrence needs another recreation center for indoor and outdoor sports?

Maybe if all the politics and school board members thought of what to give back to the children instead of take away from them all the time they would have had something in place for them already. I think Tanger Mall would be a great step. It is just sitting there without anything working. It would be nice to attract visitors to something other than a sports game. If you look around there isn't much for families to do. I have brought my kids to the Holcomb rec and it was so crowded that we ended up leaving. Even the waitiing lists were crazy long. As far as the bowling alley most of the older kids hang out there so what do we do with the younger ones? It is used more for a dropoff area than an actual fun environment. I was sad to see the Laser tag go away. The kids had a great time with that.

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Do you think Lawrence needs another recreation center for indoor and outdoor sports?

I am also interested in when it closed? My kids used to go to the dances that they had there as early as last year.

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Do you think Lawrence needs another recreation center for indoor and outdoor sports?

italianprincess that is a great idea! A roller/ice skating rink would be greatly appreciated. I know a lot of kids that are intimidated to go to the outdoor parks to rollerskate because of some of the drinking, smoking and bad attitudes that some of the area kids have.

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Do you think Lawrence needs another recreation center for indoor and outdoor sports?

No, I believe that if they would stop cutting all of the extra activities from the schools, a lot of of the teenagers would be able to choose what they would like to do after school. For anything to be successful you have to get the kids more involved in the process. When they started cutting the programs and chargiing such high fees to be involved that left a lot of interested families unable to participate. I agree with Merrill on the agencys working together to get things back and to make it available to everyone regardless of income.

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Have you adopted a family for the holidays?

I am so glad your gnomedog is happy. I am sure that with you as his parent he has a great personality. I love reading your posts they are very funny and both you and mrs. gnome sound like great people.
I did forget about the soiled nappies though..my son was actually feeding him when he called to tell me so I am sure he can help with that little problem. I told him to wait and get "christined" by his son..he already got that right after he was born. I loved hearing him laugh about it. I know that the values I taught him are working because the baby is another mans who got the girl pregnant and walked. He is adopting him and carries his last name. He went through the entire pregnancy with her and actually cut the cord. My son's biological father did that to us and was raised by my ex right from the start. Sorry, I do tend to ramble..Merry Christmas to the Gnome Family.

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Have you adopted a family for the holidays?

gaynproud..I was just getting clarification..I knew you were talking to ku-law but wanted to make sure you didn't think I was pretentious and he was trying to out do me if that makes any sense. I know that last time he started in on me it caused some harsh statements by the posters about both of us and didn't want that to be the case this time. Ecspecially when it is such a great OTS and one very important to everyone that helps in every way imaginable.
thank you bearded-gnome. I have waited for the day that I got to actually have a grandchild. I always felt that my grandparents were so special and loved the way they were able to love us and then send us home. We had a summer tradition that for two weeks every summer the grandduaghters got to spend it with them then they spent two weeks alone with all the grandsons. I have always dreamed of being able to do that with grandchildren. I just wish my granparents were still alive to enjoy their greatgrandchildren by my own children. We come from a large family so there was never any less than ten grandchildren at a time in their home. I want to create a tradition for mine. I am hoping with my four children I will get to have a houseful of grandchildren running around.

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Have you adopted a family for the holidays?

thank you Sunflower sue..I have always said they aren't spoiled just well loved! I am going to fly out Friday to meet him for the first time. I can't hardly wait!

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