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Lawrence Farmers' Market seeking community input on whether to ban live animals

First of all, Texburgh, I love you and I thank you for your post. So true.

Second of all, my husband and I own a beautiful Golden Retriever who is quite popular at the Lawrence FM, especially with some of the vendors. We have received wonderful advice from them, not to mention we have spent lots of money purchasing emu and buffalo bones for our dog (you guys are awesome!).

I understand that some people might not have control of their dogs, and that can ruin it for everyone. But I have also seen many adults and children downright rude to the vendors and customers, out of control, and an embarassment as well. My dog has more manners than some of the lamos that are posting on this site. Dogs that are on LEASHES and OUTDOORS is not a violation of city code. Go to your local grocery store if you have a problem with this.

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Little Italy: Basil Leaf Café serves big food from out of a tiny kitchen in a gas station

Awesome food and great service! Keep up the good work Brad!

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What is your favorite horror movie?

The original Halloween and Hitchcock's Psycho. I couldn't shower for weeks after I saw that movie.

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Lawrence police identify person of interest, vehicle in Oct. 16 fatal hit-and-run

It aggravates me that people are even bringing up the idea of Miss Leek riding her bike while intoxicated. Even if she was, she chose to ride her bike--not get into a car-- turn on the ignition, and drive around while intoxicated (if this indeed is the case with the suspects involved). As we have seen with this story, and countless others, driving a car while under the influence of anything can cause a lot of death and destruction to everyone involved.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Rachel Leek's family, friends, and co-workers. Although I never met her, I do remember her beautiful smile as she waited on me at Wheatfields. I hope tomorrow that you can celebrate her beautiful life and what she lived for.

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What do I do with ... bison

Thank you Terri and Family! My husband and I have been buying your ground bison weekly for a couple of years now. We love the lean meat and the rich flavor! Even though the meat is full of flavor, we chop up fresh jalapenos and garlic, add a little w-sauce, and fire up the grill--yummy!

I hope other people reading this article can respect what this family does day in and day out. Sustaining a farm of any kind is certainly no "fairytale"!

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Man, 46, flown to KC-area hospital after fall in east Lawrence

I sincerely hope this guy is OK. The important thing is that he got sent to the right place that is best equipped to handle these types of situations. Let's not bag on LMH--this is a human life we are talking about who probably has family and friends that are worried about him and want the best possible care for him.

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Jaeger found guilty on three of four charges

I commend the jury for their thorough job. Although the victim may truly never recover from what happened, I hope this will bring her some peace and relief and that she will continue to seek help to get her through this horrid ordeal. My thoughts are with her and her family right now.

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

I bike to Dog Days, twice a day, thank you very much Jack. And I don't ever recall people running over one another to get a close parking spot. Cell phones? Look around you Jack, they are everywhere. One place you won't see them is inside Red Dog's workout. But obviously you wouldn't know that.

Boy, do you need an attitude adjustment. I hope I never have to meet you in person.

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‘Red Dog’ to lead attempt at record-breaking workout

Who peed in your cornflakes today Jack? If you are so concerned about this LiveWell grant, then why don't you talk with people who are part of the foundation.

Let's focus on the positive here. Our community does something that lots of other places don't do. We gather together and work out--we push each other, tell each other to keep going, and clap for each other when we finish those dreaded hill runs. Regardless of whether or not we walk, bike, drive, crawl, or fly to these sessions it brings people together to work out. I know people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and a mulititude of other problems who look forward to these workouts and the support they receive from others.

Take a hike Jack...we're all pretty tired of seeing your comments.

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Quigley's crash course

Way to go Angus! We will be looking for you and cheering you on this season!

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