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Preschool chef fills tall order: Get creative with kid food (just not too creative)

Thank you for acknowledging the amazing work that Mr. Wood does. His wife Corinna is equally impressive. Together they make our community a better place.

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Over 100 animals find homes during free adoption day

I was pondering this as well.

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Sound Off: Bike donation

If so, donating to them would be a great option as well.

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Sound Off: Bike donation

The Lions Club does a free bike giveaway with used and rebuilt bikes. I wonder if they are doing it again this year?

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Lawrence Humane Society seeking temporary housing for up to 60 dogs

You are so right. Often no kill shelters do get more monies because the title sounds more politically correct, when the brunt of the burden is placed on traditional shelters that have open doors to all incoming animals. Another myth is that no-kill shelters do not euthanize. This is simply not true.

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Lawrence Humane Society seeking temporary housing for up to 60 dogs

Unfortunately a large majority of individuals that are in desperate situations will not be informed of the shelter not being an option for them. They won't go to KC or Topeka. They will try one humane option only and find that option closed to them. Euthanasia is an unfortunate thing but we don't live in an idealist world yet when it comes to pet overpopulation. The Lawrence Humane Society is not a no-kill shelter and nor should it be. No-kill shelters do in fact "kill" and their doors are usually closed to incoming animals because they are at capacity. They do help with the cause but are only helpful if in close proximity to a traditional shelter that has open doors to all which minimizes cruel and inhumane acts towards companion animals.

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Lawrence Humane Society seeking temporary housing for up to 60 dogs

"The humane society will also limit its dog intake for February to stray dogs only in order to help manage the shelter population while the kennels are fixed." This policy defeats one of the main purposes of having a humane society. That purpose is to give people a humane option when they are in a position where they cannot keep a companion animal anymore. This decision will lead to people committing inhumane acts with their "pets". Doors should always be open to incoming companion animals whether they be stray or owner released in order to minimize cruelty and neglect in our county. This is disappointing.

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Friendship between Mississippi hunter, Kansas farmer spans 1,000 miles, leads to kidney donation

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing and good luck to both Alexander and Robinson.

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Lawrence police investigate burglary at home

There was an attempted burglary at 4:00 am Friday morning around the 153? Kasold Drive. My ex brother in-law had a cracked window on the ground floor and heard someone slowly approaching his window with my two young nephews inside. He then heard someone trying to take off the screen. When that happened he yelled at the perp and the perp fled. For completely selfish reasons he did not notify the police so the neighborhood is not informed of this. Please spread the word for anyone in that neighborhood.

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