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Local law enforcement agencies help patrol Topeka after officer's funeral

Thanks to both agencies for all you do!

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

Matt was a very nice man. His family and friends, the community, and the Lawrence Police Department will feel his loss. My heart goes out to everyone at the LPD. I had the privilege to work there for a number of years and I know them to be a really great group of people, genuinely dedicated to this community. I know they are hurting today. It's a tough start to 2013. I, too, thank Officer Klock for serving Lawrence.

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Eudora police chief resigns

costello, thank you for your note of support! My reply below is actually directed to koman's comments above.

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Eudora police chief resigns

You are either incredibly blinded by your dislike of me or woefully ill-informed. You exhibit little understanding of my character, Chamber contributions, relationships with other members, or the nature of leadership. You are dead wrong about the economic development position. The Board played no role in its creation or in the hiring process. If I knew who you were, I would probably understand why my performance as a volunteer Chamber president matters so very much to you. I find your entire vitriolic assessment bizarre, not germane, and weirdly personal. I suspect you are a member of this small cabal that has made the lives of many in Eudora miserable and determinedly mistakes enthusiasm and energy for attention-seeking behavior.

If you are as well-connected as you say, you know exactly why I chose not to share my concerns about my ex-husband's termination. I have heretofore been very vocal about the issue. It is my greater understanding of the seriousness of the situation and the implications for others which caused me to steer clear – not some character flaw, as you have chosen to suggest. If you have read my comments, you know that I,too, believe strongly in Eudora's City Council and you should have some sense of how very, very well-informed I am on this matter.

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Eudora police chief resigns

The beauty of living in a democracy is that folks can air concerns publicly. In my case, if I am not willing to put my name to a comment, I don't share it. I am a business professor and business owner and a 30 year resident of Douglas County. My family has owned land south of Eudora since the 1880's. I have worked in Eudora and worked on behalf of Eudora. The community is important to me. What is happening there is a tragedy and unfortunately it sometimes takes someone with the courage to speak up to affect change. Do I like being in this position? No. I shared my concerns with the City Administrator two months ago and, more recently, with the City Council. I know it's more fun to read posts from anonymous folks who make frivolous allegations of corruption or -- anonymously -- question the motives of other contributors to the forum but sometimes ya just gotta be frank. If you look at the full sum of what I have written, you will see that I have been very favorably impressed by the City leadership. I have been equally discouraged by a handful individuals who have sat on their hands while good people have left their jobs or been driven from them. It has been a long, frustrating summer which culminated in Chief Walker's resignation. It is terribly sad and should have been prevented.

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Eudora police chief resigns

kimk, thank you for filling in a missing piece to this puzzle for me! I had also suggested to the City Administrator that something didn't smell right concerning a fireman's role in an altogether different police personnel matter. After I resigned, our Chamber membership started getting these emails from the City in the guise of Chamber communications sort of lauding the police chief and the fire chief and that seemed so ODD . . . . Why, all of a sudden, was the Chamber email a promotions piece for these two individuals? I GET that the City favors the new law enforcement center, but the inclusion of the two Chiefs' contact information on a couple of emails made me uneasy. It seemed a bit too cozy. I had warned the Chamber Executive Board against allowing the Chamber to get too embedded in the City, and I was vigorously rebuffed. It all begins to hang together . . . .

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Eudora police chief resigns

I don't know anything about what that little boy's family did or did not do. I can't imagine their grief. That does not, however, diminish what Mayor Hopson did. He formally requested those barriers. He actually tried to drum up support from the City of DeSoto and they declined to get involved. Mayor Hopson persisted. For this reason, he has my admiration. People are often too busy, too reluctant, or too scared to raise their voice. Hopson did so. You and I and others are safer because of it.

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Eudora police chief resigns

I recently stepped down as Eudora Chamber President over concerns about personnel management within the Eudora Police Department. I suggested to the City Administrator at that time that Walker didn't have the skill set for some parts of the job. I know from talking to others in the Eudora community that Harrenstein has had his own reservations. Walker does have some very strong skills, however. Those certainly could have been utilized.

I am a professor. In schools, we issue A's through F's. We provide support and training. We don't expect perfection and we work with what we've got. In Eudora, not only is there no system of support and training, it's an all A or F system. There is nothing in between. You are either in -- or you are out. It is as tragic in the case of Walker as it was for the many other police officers before him who have been terminated or felt forced to resign. Sadly, it appears the City learned nothing through this exercise. They have now put a guy in charge for the interim who is cut from the same, exact cloth as Walker. He has no sense of loyalty to his staff and no notion of the responsibilities of police work. He is just as willing to throw others under the bus on his way up. What is Einstein's definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Eudora is a great little town with some great folks. Some of those are on the City Council. I don't count them out, altogether yet. Princess81 denigrated the Mayor. I disagree. That guy has some real heart -- and he's the reason those safety barricades are being erected on K-10, as I write.

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