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Brownback wants more oversight of the Kansas Bioscience Authority

Check the facts. Brownback called for a forensic audit of the KBA ... not that the KBA hire their own auditors. But the KBA (seeing the writing on the wall) quickly hired their own auditors (BKD - the same group that bungled the KU ticket scandle). Have the KBA employees been offered immunity as they are being questioned by BKD/ the auditors that are getting their paycheck FROM the KBA? Also,the KBA did little to help land NBAF. Ron Trewyn at KSU and his staff did all the heavy lifting, hard work and research to get this done (whether we want it or not). Senator Pat Roberts worked his "magic" behind the scenes to get this done. Tom Thornton and the KBA provided some funding, that was handed to them on a silver platter.

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Statehouse Live: Wagle says KBA under investigation; Carlin defends agency

There are too many issues that have been raised and they need to be investigated. You might find that Senator Wagle is working without an agenda. In my opinion, the money the KBA is spending on nice salaries, offices, meals, travel could pay salaries for more than a few teachers.

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$425,000 grant from Kansas Bioscience Authority would help Pinnacle Technology Inc. develop biosensors

Janice Katterhenry is the CFO/COO of the KBA. Her son, Christopher Katterhenry works for Pinnacle. HUMMMMM!

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Democrats: Governor trying to take over Kansas Bioscience Authority; Brownback denies accusation

How do you know that? Are you inside? I think you might find out differently very soon.

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KBA: ‘You get what you pay for’

The KBA provides life insurance benefits to each employee according to their salary. He gets that one plus the one for $1M. That policy was a requirement in his divorce decree. Why is Kansas paying the premiums? Did you know, he gets to take the policy with him with him when he leaves.

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A breakdown of Kansas Bioscience Authority employee compensation

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Senator calls Kansas Bioscience Authority spending 'very flagrant in a time of need'; board chairman defends expenses

The former employee states that she resigned because she was uncomfortable with "unethical practices" by Tom Thornton. How is that being a disgruntled employee? Congratulations to Senator Wagle for having the guts to go against the status quo by covering up government waste. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but the KBA also employs Thornton's new (much younger) wife who just happens to be Senator Kit Bond's niece. Last year she was paid $107,000 with a $5,000 bonus to be the KBA's "Director of Special Projects". What exactly is that? The Kansas City Business Journal has an interesting article.

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Democratic and Republican leaders warn that senator's KBA inquiries could hurt NBAF efforts

Since when is the truth negative publicity?

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Democratic and Republican leaders warn that senator's KBA inquiries could hurt NBAF efforts

Lack of transparency will hurt NBAF. Clean up the mess that is the KBA and get on with it. How much was paid to the consultants that were hired to determine salaries for KBA staff? Why would consultants need to be hired for something like that? Doesn't the Board of Directors have enough collective sense and business experience to determine compensation without spending even more money hiring a consultant?

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