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How’d a Jayhawk sweatshirt get in that Coke commercial, and how much money is KU making off it?

Yeah, I'm sure most of us were thinking--'a 6-pack of Coke? No way!' Sorry UK fans, tell you what. I'll turn up the volume and you can listen on the sidewalk.

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Large portion of East Lawrence set to be rezoned to protect it from dense development

In my experience, there is no lack of interest for folks wanting to buy a home in East Lawrence. The area serves a meaningful purpose, whether it be owning a home in a specific price range, location to downtown, a sense of history, or merely for the simple reason that the prospective buyer is not interesting in owning a home way larger than they need. Whatever one's reason for owning property in the area, I have trouble understanding a counter-argument for this request. Personally, I wonder if this town needs a larger influx of multi-family dwellings? East Lawrence serves a valuable market in town, no matter one's personal interests. I love the revitalization efforts for specific areas. I wonder if there is a reason hostilities always must prevail, yet I also realize the history. I just wish our town fostered a larger sense of community development, with an emphasis on community, and less stress on profit. Alas, it is possible those days are gone, however. It's always funny to review the development plan for 2020 and see how Lawrence reacts anytime someone yells, "squirrel!"

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Large portion of East Lawrence set to be rezoned to protect it from dense development

I worked for an antique dealer as my first "real" job during college. She taught me a very valuable lesson in life. She would keep Victorian items next to outsider art in her home, next to primitive items and store them in a cherry armoire. We would squabble about it since I was raised in the south (the shop was in the south) and taught you should *never* mix genres. Each had it's place. Her response was to coolly remind me that if an item brings you enjoyment in life, it has value, no matter where placed. The term "junk" has a different definition from person. Like minds tend to gravitate and in this case, I don't think either side of this conversation (or town?) could fully understand the argument of the other. All the same, I am always intrigued with the way that people treat their property here, in Kansas, than you might find in other areas of the country--of all socioeconomic plateaus.

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Large portion of East Lawrence set to be rezoned to protect it from dense development

Scott, I am intrigued by your reply; truthfully. I understand your general pretense if only by the implied sarcasm. Yes, as a licensed Realtor, I am dismayed with the overall lack of durability many homes built recently in town have shown. Truly, this is not a local epidemic. If I deconstruct your sentence, you seem to say: "I am happy all the poorly constructed McMansions won't negatively impact the professional construction (of east Lawrence)?" I might add, in my experience, that owner maintenance plays a huge role in overall longevity of a home. By your reply, one might assume you have intimate knowledge of home building methods in the affected neighborhood. I would honestly like to know how you define the "quality" of the homes in this area as better than anywhere else in town. And to preface, in some ways, we agree. If a structure stands for more than 80 years as many have here, there is, indeed an element of quality. I would like to know your interpretation, however.

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EPA foe Pruitt confirmed to lead agency over environmentalists' objections

Shockingly ignorant, driven by political games, and manipulated by the highest bidder. The biggest victims of this move will be our children...but proponents of this nomination don't care. They get to spend a few more years influencing the corruption of our environment. The Ogallala Aquifer is going dry. Why should folks such as Pruitt care to try and save it? Take as much as you want. Magically, it will figure itself out. It will be hard to get the votes you need from voters in Florida when the state is 2/3rds of its size today after the ocean re-claims the shorelines.

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As Trump slams judges, Supreme Court pick describes comments as 'disheartening'

I always find it interesting, as an independent who reads roll-calls and votes with candidates on each side of the isle who most closely voted as I would have on listed issues, how some folks point fingers at Democrats as being obstructionists over the last 8 years. Ok, you don't agree with what they and President Obama tried to do in (most specifically) last 6 years of office. The problem is, many legislators just went to a corner, refused to participate and pouted. There was no debate. A great example was the SC nomination last year. The message was, I don't agree in principle, I'm not doing it. Ok. I applaud your conviction. But guess what, in making that decision, you now lose your chance to blame the other side for being an obstructionist. There are many, many more examples but that one is fresh. Time to stop pointing fingers, start working and debating in a positive and effective manner and move forward. The reason we have each side calling the other the "party of no" as you label, is our beliefs in this country are diametrically opposed and neither side is willing to listen to the other. There are no concessions and it all stems from big money donors and folks selling themselves, not to the people, but the biggest deposit in re-election funds.

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Some GOP lawmakers in Kansas looking to cut school funding

Greg and Dave, why are we beating around the bush. The term is vouchers. Greg, I believe Dave answered your question, but not in the manner you wanted because you provided the subjective term, monetary preference. That indicates you felt that preference existed---and I agree, probably rightfully. It gave Dave a moment to interpret your question however he wanted.

Because I am interested in his argument also, I will ask in a manner which was used most in the congressional hearings this week, do you believe in the voucher system? Do you believe it truly gives all students equal access to the education they want? I am interested in how YOU would answer Senator Hassan's question to DeVos regarding how a child with a disability, covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, would get a good education if the funding the school currently receives is pulled and used for a voucher? If that funding is collectively needed to enable that program, and pulling it causes financial hardship for the school to maintain it, where does the parent turn? One of the large improvements in the 1980s was the process, spearheaded during the Reagan administration and Nancy herself, of moving children with needs out of segregated, "Island" schools where they could not interact with other children their age, and back into the school rooms of non-disabled children. There were fewer "special" schools and more public schools with better resources to give attention to these kids who needed it most. What's to stop schools, public and private, from selectively not serving this population if they see greater profits from such a stance? Who will force them if the people simply say, "that's not right" and our lawmakers choose to ignore the words? Isn't the most likely scenario, returning to "island" schools again?

Your stance of "trimming the fat" (my own generalization) is not entirely unmerited in every case. I see examples at every business, school systems not excluded, where the lights are always on, the thermostat is in the mid 70s, to cherry pick a few issues. But to systematically suggest a change, a la repeal of the Kansas LLC tax before fully studying and anticipating it's effects is reckless and wonting. Dave, you have a history of disappearing when the questions become difficult. I hope that is not the case here...

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Sale of Lawrence cable TV, internet operations finalized; new owner says changes in store

Hi Michael, I do share your disdain for seeing the local cable company sold, yet again, to another small and regional outfit. You do make a good point regarding increased price change, right! All the same, very soon, most of your "television" will be delivered al-la-carte over the internet and the cable industry is fighting this tooth-and-nail while trying to hold together an antiquated business model. Innovation is moving away from that model and soon, you will want to have that internet connection just to receive your normal shows. I would say take your well-placed anger and not be upset with the gigabit offering, but place it in our city council who continues to drag their feet when allowing open competition in our area for the 30,000 subscribers who would prefer a choice in our provider. AT&T is not a choice since thier service is IPTV and already internet based service. They throttle your speed if they find you are streaming live television in conflict to their offerings.

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U.S. Supreme Court won't review suit on Kansas science standards

Not likely, no matter the court makeup. There is a term, stare decisis, which speaks to the stalwart nature of precedence. I find it comforting that irregardless of which side has power (lib/conserv) and the personal opinions of pocket interests, the most important parts of our law and constitution cannot be changed by the shifting winds of a temporary movement.

I applaud your convictions Justin, and hope you find everything you are looking for. The cases you allude to above, however, are likely never to reach the floor of the court. If they do, that typically takes three or more years. Plenty of time for both sides of our current party dichotomy to voice their thoughts equally--of course that is irrelevant if the case fails to show injury as noted above, and likely dies in district court.

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Free State's Piper commits to Santa Clara

Yay Madison! All the best in California and in this upcoming season. What a great chance and decision for you and your future...

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