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What's the worst storm you've ever been in?

Hurricane Gloria in 1985 in Va Beach, Va. Watched the 30 foot pine trees (of which there were many towering over the house) bend like bowstrings continuously for hours. Scary stuff.

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

Well, I am certain that many in the legislature would argue, but at about the time that the Governor insisted that KU find it's own means to fund this project--to fund a physics and chemistry building which is becoming unsafe for experiments and in many studies, has been recommended for removal. I venture, right about then.

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Budget panel strikes back at KU over bond deal

I believe you fail to understand the term "bond" which is a public offering to "buy" personal debt. KSU sold bonds with the hopes to pay them off through income from athletics events. What happens to KSU's ability to pay if, say a certain football coach retires and they don't make it back to a bowl game (and the income therein)? The stadium upgrades were only partially funded by private contributions:

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Budget panel strikes back at KU over bond deal

Hmm, I find it particularly interesting that KU finds a way to pay for a multi-million dollar investment in upgrading Mallott Hall--a department which is *WOEFULLY* outdated--and that was when I took Chem 184/188 and Organic I/II in 1994 and 1995, yet KSU spends more than $100 million on *two* upgrades to their football stadium yet no legislature backlash at that expense? Yes, KU will do the same some day soon, but who did KSU solicit those funds from? Personally, I am a *huge* KU football fan but applaud the choice to bolster academics first in this instance... Just me.

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Online business to help Lawrence homeowners rent to out-of-towners coming for sports games

I am pretty sure the, "no more than three unrelated people" rule is in effect for tenancy greater than 30 days. The nice part is there is always someone available to speak each weekday at the city zoning office. They are pretty helpful and nice.

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Charles Michener, 'patriarch' of bee research, dies at 97

What a vary sad day for all of KU. In a time when faculty are pushed to bring in research grants with teaching only becoming a side folly, Dr. Michener was an amazing scientist *and* teacher. His easy laugh and casual ways for presenting even the most difficult concepts made time with him a joy. You could often see him joyfully explaining concepts to children who visited the Museum or on one of his many walkabouts and know that if the youngest could learn and enjoy evolutionary biology, how much more value he was to young scientists at the university level. I had the honor of learning from him and was inspired and awed by his intellect and wisdom but also humbled by the way he went about it--with a very quiet confidence which was never condescending, but sharing; always a teacher. It is my bet that is one of most endearing ways in which he probably wanted to be remembered. Thank you Dr. Michener.

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Brownback satisfaction rating at 18%; Democrats targeting Senate seats

What is potentially telling is in the 2014 Kansas gubernatorial election, there were 869,502 votes recorded. The total population in Kansas was 2,904,021, according to the census. I can't find the exact total I am looking for, but of the total population, 24.9% were under 18, or appx. 723,102 people. This leaves a potential voting population of 2,180,919. This means 39.9% of the voting population did so. If this poll were correct and 18% approve, and I might speculate those 18% were very likely to be registered and active voters, their numbers would encompass roughly 45% of the vote if you extrapolate. All the current legislators need to do is pick up more than 5% of the throw-away votes and they are back in business. Chew on that for a moment. If people want change, they need to vote. Pretty simple and totally cliché. By not voting, you still cast a vote for the status quo.

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Late touchdown keeps Lions unbeaten

Amazing game on a night we got to watch the Royals do the same thing on the diamond. Congratulations to Jacob Unruh for playing his heart out and coming up with some really key defensive moments. What a great sports night in the city!

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Jayhawks rally, but fall to Texas Tech

So proud of our guys. They never gave up and the smaller crowd there never stopped cheering. I was left scratching my head at times because they really had troubles stopping the short passing game we utilized. It seemed many times we would get moving the ball and resort to run, run punt. Keep throwing until they stop it I say. Willis continues to show great promise but will become so much more when he perfects throwing the ball away when things become impossible. All-in-all, I am proud and glad to be there during the good and bad...

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