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Kansas GOP votes to oppose validating transgender identity

Interesting: In other news, the same lawmakers are happy to accept campaign donations from aesthetic practitioners such as plastic surgeons who perform surgical procedures like breast augmentation to alter a person's body to conform with gender identity. Likewise, they are happy to receive money from other practitioners who provide hormone therapy (testosterone/estrogen) to patients testing low because of age or a disease process; many times to help regain or stimulate sexual traits. How about we stop trying to figure out how to make folks second class citizens or remove their rights--and get on with the task of balancing a budget, providing for our schools, paving our roads and simply having empathy for our fellow human beings--not just those who can pay the most...

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Empty storefronts become a bit more prominent in Lawrence, new report shows; vacancy rate hits recent high

Armen, with all due respect, whatever Dorothy's knowledge of commercial transactions is, she has a valid point. The prices which businesses pay to rent in this town far out-pace *anywhere* in the state on average. When a retailer has to pay nearly $4K per month to rent a location downtown, yes, prices are too high. There is a reason so many small businesses cannot make it on Mass St. Part of it can be contributed to poor business plans, but in the end, if income does not match expenditures, you're back working from home.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital's proposed west Lawrence project grows to $93M; work could begin this spring

RIchard, it's a vicious circle. Part of the rising cost of health care is taking care of uninsured and under insured patients. Some people can't pay for insurance based upon their wages. Some people refuse to pay for insurance, feeling other priorities are more important than their health. Alternately, it cannot be denied that hospital care is almost excessively expensive. Both hospitals and physician (specialty) groups, not financially associated with the hospitals, write off a significant amount of money each year as they are obligated to pay for presenting patients in emergent situations regardless of insurance status. Here's to hoping one day the situation will be figured out, whatever private, public or political affiliation.

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Alabama Senate race: Democrat Jones wins in stunning upset

Easy, non-partisan way to eliminate 90% of the arguments in government and on these boards. 1.) Enable term limits. (House, 10 years--5 terms / Senate, 12 years--2 terms) 2.) Bring back the DISCLOSE Act of 2010 and furthermore, enable campaign contribution caps.

Members of both parties of congress would *staunchly* oppose this but get PAC and wealthy special interests out of our politics. Allow new ideas to flow into Capitol Hill on a regular basis. We are forced to choose new legislators in party movements which reflect the social norms, ideas and ideals of the electorate at that moment and not those of 20 years+ ago.

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Lawrence City Commission to continue discussion of downtown conference center

Agree. It would definitely need to be a matter to consider. I don't know how you do it, but evaluating that intersection once more should be a necessity for this project progressing.

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Lawrence City Commission to continue discussion of downtown conference center

James, I agree. As a member of the community, I take part in quite a few events each year which have need for a large convention space. I feel this would be a boon as the location on the University grounds would be a bit prohibitive and the location at the old Holidome lacks ambiance. This would obviously be different. In each case, these events include some form of alcoholic beverage availability, so having a choice for folks to spend the night is bonus.

I do not favor tax breaks in large form and am equally skeptical about assured loans. All the same, this is a project I feel is important to the community and would, indeed, enhance the downtown scene. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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State authorizes Lawrence to release up to 30 million gallons of nitrogen-contaminated water into Kansas River

Hmm, oooooor, we can figure out a way to make it available to local farmers who could always use a nitrogen resource for their farming needs. I can't say that I know the chemical makeup of the wastewater, but it would seem that if the KDHE feels it is safe enough to dump in the river, it should be safe enough to use in crop fields--since part of our sanitation comes from the same body of water. I suppose they want it done *now* rather than a sensible solution which might take longer.

---> And Bob, I am not sure how this conforms to your tired response of congenital liberal...or any other form of political affiliation. The ground water has a pollutant which our city allowed to exist and build. We gave the same company a quick out and under-billed for the cleanup. We spent the money rather than save it for the actual use...and now we choose to cry to the federal and state cronies for permission to dump it in a body of water which makes it a problem for someone else down-river too. Way I see it, that makes it everyone's problem. Not just those of somebody who wears a lapel pin of one color or another.

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Plans filed to bring gas station, retail, offices along a portion of the South Lawrence Trafficway

Chad, I know it has been asked many times before. If you post a plan such as this to accompany your articles, can you *please* link to an image which is large and of better resolution? You can't even read the key. The image above is slightly more than nothing. Thanks and on an alternate note, I like seeing your writings on Lawrence developments.

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Kansas schools may no longer group students by grade level as part of plan to remake education system

Sounds like someone has seen a Montessori school recently. I can't say that I dislike this direction of exploring all learning avenues. Not everyone digests educational teachings the same way. My hope is that they explore the options fully instead of just making a blanket change with a pen's signature. This will be interesting.

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KDOT to install 'delineation' poles on K-10 center line at East 1200 Road intersection

Stunning the number of times I have seen folks making a U-turn in the middle of the highway -- whether going E/W or simply going around the barriers N/S. Dangerous, idiocy and selfish are words which come to mind immediately.

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