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The Liberal Slave

"No, you guys won't simply just let me be."

Ok. I will let you be.

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The Liberal Slave

Sorry Liberty, I was running out of room so I am restarting the original thread here. I am asking a simple question. I'm not talking about semantics here. You obviously have certain ideas about how things should be economically. I am asking you to define what those are. You keep talking about choices but I have no idea what you mean by this. You give us an entire conversation about how we are 'slaves' and you point to an alternative but when I look, there is nothing there. I ask you for examples and you give me none. I ask you what do you mean by choices and you reply with why are you asking me this, figure it out yourself. I am assuming you wrote this blog to educate so I am simply asking you to teach us by providing us with a concrete examples of what you mean.

I disagree with you that we don't have choices. We always have choices. You can create those choices Liberty. Perhaps instead of a blog, you could start a community where you can try to get closer to the economic system you want. That requires people willing to cooperate with you and you with them. Instead of attacking people who question your ideas (which by the way is not very peaceful nor cooperative), you can work with them, listen to them, and find a way to create a system closer to the ideals you believe in. It can be done. I have many Amish friends who are living examples of creating the community they wanted to live in and they are doing it here in the United States.

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The Liberal Slave

What are those choices Liberty?

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The Liberal Slave

By the same token Liberty, it is not really a choice to live or die. You either work 'voluntarily' or you don't live. Technically Liberty we will always be slaves in a free market system, voluntary or forced. Ultimately we are all 'slaves' to the almighty dollar regardless of how free an economic system is. So I have no idea what you mean by choice here because your viewpoint is only a degree of relativity. You imply that there is some magical system where you have choices. What are those choices Liberty?

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The Liberal Slave

"a choice"

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The Liberal Slave

Ah but it is but choice. You choose to stay here. The US government will allow you to emigrate.

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The Liberal Slave

Ah but I don't want to leave. I like my country. I think it is the greatest country in the world. It is you who has a problem with it.

All I'm saying is you do have choices Liberty. You can leave, stay, revolt or blog.

I ask you to define terms because you don't seem to recognize the Bill of Rights or US Constitution. We already have individual rights and protection but you imply that we don't.

Please add more to the blog. I would love to see those examples! It would matter for me. :-)

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The Liberal Slave

What a copout! Come on Liberty you can do better than that. If you can't, then you are wasting my time.

What this really illustrates is that you are simply an evangelist who is more interested in effect than accuracy. You can't even point to a community, a city, a state, or a nation currently or any time in the past as an example of libertarianism to emulate.

You don't even define your terms or how they would be done. What do you mean by 'voluntary cooperation', what does 'protection' mean, how do you define 'individual right'? Have you never heard of the Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, or even maybe just 'laws'.

You are free to leave Liberty. There are many countries to choose from. You are not a slave to the US government. There might be some countries that won't allow you in but it is well within your individual right to leave this country.

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The Liberal Slave

I'm sorry Liberty. I don't have a blog to add you to. I hope you don't feel left out :-)

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The Liberal Slave

First Slave: You are a slave!

Second Slave: At least I know I am.

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