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149 people express interest in KU buyout offers

Not to mention those eligible are probably topped out in their pay grades, and high consumers of benefits like health care.

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Crimson and feeling blue

I’m very proud of our team’s heart this year!

They’re a special bunch of guys that gave it their all the whole season, unlike some of our past teams that were so loaded with talent and flopped in the end.

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Obama oil policy

The reason the price is so high, is because demand out-strips supply for both oil and gasoline. The population grows, but we fail to increase our number of refineries, or gasoline processing facilities, which results in shortages. If you can build new refineries or drill new wells, then how can a new company ever hope to create more competition with the big oil companies.

A lot of the restrictions/resistance by the so-called environmental groups, only fuels money going into various green companies, where the owner/investors pocket most of the profits, while producing very little in improvements current or new technologies. These groups just haven’t realized that these companies are make large amounts of money off their perceived righteous work, with very little in return for all their hollering and gnashing of teeth. They complain about the oil company profits, but their actions have directly driven the problem to the level it is at now.

Also, all you electric/hybrid car owners, where does that electricity that you charge your car with come from? From coal for the most part, or from that little gas engine in your car. That’s so much more green than burning straight gas. Go read up on how much coal it takes to keep that power plant producing electricity 24/7/365.

Guess what, only 3% of our coal is imported, so that is why it’s far cheaper to produce electricity vs. gasoline.

To make a comparison, it would cost $3.19 to travel 25 miles in a car that gets 25 MPG vs. $1.01 in one powered by the coal energy equivalent. The true issue with electricity is efficiency and range. Most 100% electric only vehicles can only be driven 40 miles max. That’s not feasible for most Americans, not to mention the outlandish prices the car companies are asking for them.

Show me an emission-free energy source that is also economically feasible, and then I’ll consider it. Until then, wouldn’t you rather buy your oil from Canada, then buy is from the OPEC cartel or Chavez?

I like saving money, so as soon as electric becomes cheaper than gas, and their ranges improve. I’ll be the first to change for the savings alone. If you couldn’t figure it out, I am not a Global Warming believer, but on the other hand, I don’t think we should make the world a pig pen either.

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Contracts reveal KU football assistants’ pay

@ Vaildini, don't forget his fake picture as well.

Maybe he has a $1,000,000.00 check for you!

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Contracts reveal KU football assistants’ pay

I think the hires have been great from a KU publicity stand point, hopefully they will also pan out on the field too.

Just imagine if he can get the team close to .500 next year, then he'll be a hero/saint.

I find if completely unbelievable, that he only needs 5 total wins to surpass Gill's 2 years of excellence!

It all seems like a bad dream!

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13-year-old passenger injured in SUV crash along North 1500 Road

Wow, that could have easily ended much worse! Good to hear that the injuries are not life threatening.

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Brownback says lieutenant governor will welcome Obama to Kansas

Most of you commenters would do the following.

If you’re a Democrat, bitch about everything a Republican did regardless of whether it was good or bad, then not bitch once about anything bad a Democrat did. If you’re a Republican, then just substitute Republican for Democrat in the previous sentence.

How about some of you people that spend all your time complaining about this politician or that party, start coming up with some ideas instead?

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Too big a risk

My comment above is not meant to be a dig on Lawrence.

I like Lawrence, but you need to be realistic about what you have as a town.

Find your niche as they say in the business world.

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Too big a risk

The problem is, that too many people in Lawrence unrealistically think that Lawrence can compete, or be like some larger city (Insert the name of your choice here).

The major reasons this will never happen are many. I listed just a few below.

1) You are sandwiched between a major metropolitan area, and a significantly larger town.
2) You have virtually no major manufacturing or industry.
3) No major airport nearby. The one North of town is not long enough, or wide to enough to safely handle any aircraft larger than a business jet during the hot and humid summers in Kansas.
4) Even a large portion of the visiting college sports teams that play in Lawrence, don’t stay in Lawrence. Most stay at the Sheraton on College Boulevard & I-435 in Overland Park. Most of their fans know this as well, and will book a room at the teams hotel anyway.

Why not be happy being a midsized university town, and build upon the quaintness of that, instead of wasting money chasing pipe dreams??? Spend money improving infrastructure and such.

Believe me, if you have something special, or make it something special, then people will be banging down your door to join in. Not banging on it to ask for help with their pipedream project so that they can make themselves richer. I have no issue with people making money or any amount of it, just use your own money to do it!

Don’t worry this is a all too uncommon disease for a city to have. I grew up in Ottawa, and they have the same problem there. That is wasting money chasing pipe dreams about main street or this or that.

If a company needs public financing to build something, then the public ought to get a significant stake in the company/property in return. That’s how it works in the venture capitol world!

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